Car Seat Restoration Could Be Easier

Car seat restoration is easier said than done if you are not aware of the easy ways and process of restoring your leather seats. The leather car seat restoration process contains a list of steps that you can follow to restore your car seats with ease and comfort.

The leather is the primary material that is being used on most car seats. The older the leather, the harder it is to clean and restore. However, it’s imperative that you restore the leather car seats to its former glory.

While others would ask why it’s important to restore them, the answer is pretty simple. Restoring the leather seats offers a brand new look, offers the user a fresh sense of concept and it makes the ride more comfortable as well. Moreover, this article will share some of the tips and guides on how to restore your car leather seat with less process and complex tasks.

Materials Needed

To implement and restore leather car seats, the process requires that you bring in materials and tools and ensure that they are within reach. Getting the right materials could define the outcome of restoring your leather seats. These are some of the things that you will be needing for the revamping of the seats.

  • Leather Color Kit
  • ​Flexifil
  • Leather Binder
  • Soap
  • Scrub
  • Plastic and leather preparation spray
  • Leather Prep
  • Alcohol
  • Leather Colourant Kit
  • Leather Finish
  • Leather Protection Cream
  • Sponge

Rejuvenating your car could be achieved through car restoration. The leather that is worn, flagged down and dirty looking could be transformed to a whole new look by implementing restoring measures and bring life to your car seats once more.

Prepaping and purifying your leather is a vital process. Remember that car restoration is not a magic kind of thing, you need to personally clean, purify and paint your leather to achieve optimum transformation. Another thing that you would need to bring on board is patience and time. Letting the leather dry is a constant requirement in revamping your car seats. If the materials are not dried, the process and the outcome might be affected and revamping your car seats might not turn out good as you wanted it to be.

Step 1: Clean and Prep the Leather

The first thing that you need to do to restore your car seats is to apply some prep material to the leather. You can use the leather prep onto the abrasive pad and use that to apply to the material. The purpose of this step is to remove the manufactured finish and the color of the leather. After rubbing a small area, wipe it down with a cotton cloth to remove any excess color from the leather. The leather is correctly prepped when you start to see the color transfer from the leather onto the abrasive pad or cloth.

You need to clean away the loose residue using a cotton cloth and then use the sanding paper for further cleaning. Areas that are difficult to clean, use the sand paper because this can give you a solid base and provide you with a smoother finish. Once the preliminary cleaning is done, wipe the surface with alcohol moist cotton cloth because it can remove the remaining grease and oil on your car seats.

Using a cloth dampened in the alcohol cleaner, it will further clean your car seats. The alcohol will remove the manufacturers finish along with the silicones that are soluble in solvents. Also, you need to wait for 30 minutes so that the cleaners will evaporate.

Step 2: Use the Binder and the Flexifil to Deal with the Cracks

After the leather is dried, apply the leather binder. The leather binder is used to strengthen your old and worn car leather. In order to do that, you will need a sponge. Use a sponge and pour on a small quantity of leather binder. Apply that on the surface of the leather.

Once the leather binder is applied to the whole area, let it dry. If you see any build up of binder in some crevices and the stitching areas, you need to wipe it before the material dries up. Once it is dry, apply the binder again and redo the process. Make sure that you are able to do it eight to 10 times. Once that is done, you can smooth the surface with the Flexifil. This material is applied using a palette knife. You can wipe it with a thin layer to fill and remove the cracks. The next step would be to let the filler dry for 5-10 minutes. As you can see, the filler can be sanded down using a fine sandpaper so that it would be smooth. Repeat this process to remove the cracking and gain a smooth surface for the leather.

Step 3: Apply the Leather Colourant

Once you can see that the cracking is filled and the Flexifill has dried up, you can now apply the leather colourant. Begin by shaking the bottle of Leather Colourant for 3 minutes. Make sure that it is properly mixed. You can pour a small amount of the leather colourant into the sponge and then begin by rubbing it to the leather. Work with the sponge in the gaps, creases and hard to reach areas of the leather. Once you have applied the colourant, you can also apply the leather with a filler specially if there are cracks on the car seats. If the crack areas of the car seats are ignored, the whole idea of revamping your car seats is a failing one. Remember that all areas and surfaces of the leather should be taken cared of.

Step 4: Spray the Leather Colourant and the Finish

Once you are finished in sponging the car seats, you can spray the leather colourant again on the car seats. You can set up the airbrush and begin spraying. Spray with a fine coat on the leather and let it dry. Once dried up, repeat the process by spraying another coat until there is a build up of thin coats. Remember that you have the time in the world and there are no hard rules that you must follow.

If you see that the outcome is enough, you can then apply the leather finish. You can spray 2 coats so that it can form a robust and resilient base. Once again, apply the Leather Finish using the same process but having 2 coats. The key process that you must remember is to always let it dry. You can also use a spray gun to so that the finishing layers are completely applied. Also, another natural way to dry your leather seats is to bring your car seats outside and let it dry under the heat of the scorching sun.


The steps are simple and easy to follow. It is my desire that you are able to gain some tips and easy steps to bring back the life of your car seats. Moreover, the transformation and repair is now easier by following the steps along with the materials that are not heavy on your budget. If you think that leather restoration is complex, these simple steps can guide you on a step by step process so that you can ride your car again with a new feel and a new look. Car seat restoration is within your reach and the good thing about it is that you won’t have to spend a hefty amount to refurbish it.

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What Are The Most Comfortable Steel Toe Boots Of This Present Generation?

Finding comfort is essential in this society and even in the workplace. The need to use the most comfortable steel toe boots is important particularly doing the task at hand and for those that are always on the move. There are many options to opt for when choosing boots to wear along with the pros and cons of using it.There are instances wherein you think of how important your shoes are in the workplace. It should be a heavy-duty footwear and it should have the capacity to reinforce your toes to protect the feet from hazards such as heavy objects.

Importance of Steel Toe Boots

There are different types of shoes that exist in this time. It can make the jobs safer. While other boots and shoes can provide traction, arch support and other safety benefits, others aims on protecting your feet from heavy things that could fall from above.

To find the right foot protection for the jobs in your workplace, getting a hazard assessment and determine what kinds of risks—such as slipping and falling or sharp objects. Knowing the threats could also help you in getting the right safety shoes.

An injury no matter how small it is could be fatal. Foot injuries can be debilitating. It can result in time away from work and even the difficulty of performing the job. Wearing safety shoes or boots can help prevent many foot injuries in many ways.

Every day, each one of us battles the basic need of comfort, style and ease. Wherever we are and whatever we do, we tend to pick things and gears that offers us the most comfort and simplicity. However, finding the right tools, the right things and the right boots might be easier said than done. Besides comfort, safety is the next element that workers require when picking the right clothing, shoes and tools. Since the workplace could sometimes turn into a nasty environment, being prepared and grabbing all the necessary gears is crucial for any person tasked to handle difficult jobs. Choosing from the vast types and sizes, finding the most comfortable steel toe boots is like finding a needle in a haystack. Footwear should not be undermined. It is as important as the shirts or jeans that men or women wear everyday. If the footwear is not comfortable and does not offer comfort, it might impede the work at hand.

For those that are unaware of the importance of the steel-toe boot, being informed is of utmost necessity. The boot is also called as a “safety boot” or a “steel-capped boot” and even termed as a “safety shoe.” It is a type of footwear that boasts of being durable and offer a protective reinforcement for the toes. It is often being used in areas where construction is happening.

This is basically a type of footwear that protects our foot from any falling objects or to protect the users against punctures and other hazardous circumstances. The steel-toe boots are important in the construction industry and in many industrial settings.

Besides the fact that it is mandatory, preventing further incidents that could harm the workforce has propelled the regulatory board to ensure that preventive measures are implemented. Since foot injuries may occur in shapes and sizes, it could even include punctures, lacerations, crushing, sprains, and falls.When workers carry heavy materials or work in dynamic places where many people, machines and vehicles converge at once, falling and flying objects are common hazards. Protective shoes such as the steel toe boots can effectively prevent crushing injuries to the feet.

Others might contend that comfort is the best thing to opt for when choosing this type of footwear, but it is also important to not sacrifice safety. There are many ways to enhance the comfort level of the feet while keeping them protected. Users should choose the right shoe size and make sure that the boots are long enough and choose socks that are designed to work alongside the steel-toed boots. There are some socks that are ergonomically made to provide the most comfort while wearing safety boots.

Also, the safety boots can help prevent injuries due to slips and falls, cuts/lacerations and burns, and punctures. A sturdy and strong safety shoe or boot makes it more harder for injuries like these to occur. Moreover, safety footwear can also help in alleviating discomfort that comes from prolonged standing on hard floors and surfaces. The safety boots helps in eradicating this discomfort.

Machinery that is sharp or contains moving parts are also considered as hazards. Workers in the logging industry are the usual ones that faces these dangers from chainsaws. One example to consider is that if a chainsaw comes in contact with someone’s foot, the result could be catastrophic and getting the right pair of boots could define your life and your future.

While others prefer to be fashionable while in the workplace, it does not mean that wearing the safety boots could jeopardize fashion. There are some brands that provide a wide selection of shoes that are easy on the eyes without sacrificing safety.

Lastly, any kind of protective equipment that is proven to prevent injury while on the job should be used. Remember, your safety in the workplace should be your first priority.

Different Types of Steel Toe Boots

There are many sizes and types of steel toe boots and finding the best pair for you could be easy if you know the different types and advantages of these footwear. Some toe boots are made from alloy and others from composite and some are made from steel.

When you are working in an environment that shouts danger, safety is the first thing that you always think about. From head to toe, gearing up for protection could define how life is for you. Safety always comes first and it is primarily the reason why its it’s important to get the right safety toe because depending on your job, different features might be of more value for you.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Steel Toe Boots

From a lighter weight shoe and having a higher impact rating or compression might be important in the workplace. There are pros and cons in finding the right toe boot as you go through your work. However, others are still opting to buy steel toe boots. It is undeniable that the classic is the steel toe work boot. The toe-box in a steel toe boot is made from heavy duty steel to guard you from crushing and falling objects.

On a side note, this type of footwear tends to be on the less expensive side. You can get a maximum protection from falling objects and equipment like chainsaws and grinders. Even though they are less expensive, its downside is its heaviness.

It is fact that these type of footwear is heavy to use. They can be uncomfortable with a smaller toe box and it can also set off metal detectors like the alloy toe. In comparison to the composite toe boots, they can’t take as much impact or compression as a steel or alloy toe. Even though they pass standards, it cannot assure its user of its durability. Once a heavy material drops on them they can crack or even shatter.

Reasons to Wear Steel Toe Boots

Many industrial companies demand that their staff should wear steel-toed boots to comply with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. The regulations were introduced in 1994. It gained more support last 2008. It demands that the staff of certain industries must wear protective footwear just as they wear protective head wear as well.

The OSHA regulation states that any job which has the potential for a risk of piercing, falling or electrical hazards must ensure that all those exposed to the risks have the proper footwear. If a worker is working in an environment that uses nails, falling blocks, heavy equipment and even forklifts, getting a steel toe boot should be the main priority.

If falling debris are everywhere in the workplace, the constant risk of falling bricks, lumber or heavy equipment are inevitable. The purpose of the steel toe boots prevents such objects from hurting your toes.

Another reason for wearing steel toe boots is comfort. Every worker wants to have comfort in the workplace. If that need is not met, the worker is constantly battled by discomfort and unmet needs in the workplace.

Another important reason is that the footwear is slip resistant. The slip-resistant shoes can help to prevent such accidents and the steel toe will even give the user an extra layer of hardened protection. Besides being slip-resistant, durability is the other known reason why the steel toe boots are important for use. Steel-toed footwear is designed to last a long time. A good pair of boots could be considered as your trusty toolbox. Whenever you need to get work done, it helps you in finishing the job. The footwear can take a beating without getting worn down quickly. If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that won’t let you down, look no further than the steel toe boot.

In addition, this type of footwear is not limited or restricted in terms of its length. Some boots has a long calf that keeps out water. Besides construction, the steel toe boots can also help you from getting bitten by snakes or wild animals when working on the outback. Since the footwear is made of steel, it helps in providing better protection.

Materials Being Used on the Footwear

The footwear contains a piece of steel in the toe area of the boot for immense shield. The steel toe boots were able to pass the ANSI safety requirements. Given the fact that they are are designated to protect the feet of electricians, construction workers, and other workers who function in a hazardous environment.

It was formerly relayed that the impact rating is a number that informs you of the amount of pounds of impact the shoes will protect against. It is for a fact that the steel toe boots can withstand up to 75 pounds of falling pressure from any materials or objects that are being dropped from up to three yards. Also, it’s been tested and proven that many steel-toed boots can withstand several hundred pounds from a dropped object.

Product Reviews

Knowing the different types of steel toe boots are important so that you can determine which is the most comfortable steel toe boots to use in the workplace. These are some of the detailed information regarding some of the best steel toe boots in the market.

The features of each footwear could help readers in evaluating which product to buy and which steel toe boots to opt for.

​Timberland Pro

It is basically designed to weather extreme working environments. The steel toe boots are durable because it is made of nubuck leather. It can cater to various demands particularly in ensuring safety measures. The product is safe, tough and really comfortable. It was able able to meet the ANSI requirement. It also offers more space in comparison to the other products.

​The gear is made with a synthetic sole and the shaft measurement is set somewhere between the 5.5″ mark. It also incorporated materials made from polyurethane for durability and protection against microbes. It was also crafted with the capability of handling shock incidents.


  • It is oil resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • A bit expensive in comparison to the other products. Even though the features are stunning, its pricey value pushes other users to opt for a more affordable one.


The footwear is uniquely designed to ensure that the worker is able to withstand the harsh demands of the working area. For slippery areas and places with the high risks of electrical hazard, Skechers is made to counter those demands. The footwear is made with the idea of comfort in mind. The shaft is 5.25″ and it aims on providing ease while wearing the safety boot.


  • Electrical hazard
  • Oil resistant
  • Sturdy
  • The price is attainable


  • Not comfortable as running shoes and the laces affect the shoes performance. The rubber sole and the relaxed fit are among the needed features but it fails to meet the mark that workers often need.

Dexter Men’s Douglas Steel Toe Work Boot

Surprisingly, it is one of the most affordable steel toe boots in the market. It is built to counter oil filled environment since the footwear is oil resistant. The gear is made with a memory foam insole and a mesh lining as well.


  • The price is not high
  • Features are designed to offer comfort and ease in the workplace.


  • Difficult to find other sizes.

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Steel Toe Boot

The safety boot is designed and built with the shafts measured properly. It crafted with an ankle-cut work so that the worker is able to tread with comfort.

The footwear is made from leather and it is mostly imported. A synthetic sole is also added on the footwear. As for its shaft, its bigger since it has a 6” size.


  • Light and oil resistant
  • The price is mid-range
  • Offers a diversity of footgear


  • Difficult to find ideal sizes.

KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe

The product boasts of asymmetry. It is created with leather and the rubber soles are built with resilience and comfort in mind.

The safety boot also integrated mesh and the gear offers ease of use since the mesh liner is crafted and made to offer breathability while working.


  • Features offer more comfort in warm environments
  • It offers various pricing options


  • Difficult to find ideal sizes.


​It is important to remember that the construction sites are not forgiving places and the many potential hazards revealed that it is imperative for workers to wear appropriate safety gear as preventive measures. Safety should never be compromised in the workplace and even comfort as well. In the unfortunate incident of a mishap, the correct safety boots can be the line between a nasty shock and a life-altering injury. There are boots that offer protection from electrical hazards, chemical spills, falling debris and others, and this is the reason why being informed and knowing which protective footwear to get is vital. Also, besides safety, finding the most comfortable steel toe boots is important because it prevents you from buying the wrong one. This is the reason why the products are given so that you can pick the best footwear that matches your preference. Comparing the products is essential so that you as a user could know the pros and cons of these different footwear. Safety is important and the products offer more details regarding its specs and features. Additionally, even though the Timberland footwear is expensive, it does deliver the needed comfort and ease as well as the availability of the footwear in terms of sizes. Also, with comfort, ease and safety on board, going to work and getting things done could be faster and easier.


How To Waterproof Leather Boots

A good pair of leather boots makes you look classy and cool at the same time. They don’t come cheap; you have to pay a reasonable amount to get a decent pair of leather shoes. Once you have invested so much in it, it is only natural that you maintain it well, so that they never lose their shine. Leather, by nature, is waterproof. However, this doesn’t mean that they will stay like that forever. The article below helps you to understand how to waterproof leather boots so that you can extend their lifespan.

Using Wax

​When you don’t waterproof your leather boots for a long time, they become very dry and become more susceptible to wear and tear when the moisture content is lost. Here is how you can waterproof your leather shoes effectively using wax:

  • Apply a small amount of wax on a soft cloth and rub it gently over your shoes; ensure that you apply wax in all the areas of the shoes. Take care to ensure that you are not too generous during this wax application process.
  • Natural beeswax is the most commonly used wax for waterproofing leather boots.
  • Allow the wax on the shoes to dry off naturally; this would take at least an hour. Never try to speed up the process by subjecting your shoes to air and heat treatments as it can break them.
  • Once the wax gets dried off naturally, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe it off gently.
  • You will be thrilled to find the natural shine in your shoes when you complete this process; this waterproofing technique needs to be done regularly (maybe thrice to five times a year) for extended durability

One of best wax for waterproofing leather boots is Atsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing Leather Protector

Using oils

​If you aren’t comfortable to treat your leather shoes with wax, you can use mineral oils, mink oil or neatsfoot to give your shoes natural waterproofing quality. Here are some points you need to remember while using oils:

  • Never use too much of oil (irrespective of the type you choose) as it can cause discolouration in your shoes
  • Pour little oil on a soft, cotton and dry cloth to rub on the shoes evenly; ensure that you give a nice rub to all the areas of the shoes so that they get exposed to the oil
  • For a single application, your shoes will receive waterproofing for about a month; therefore, ensure you do this once a month for best results. During the monsoon season, you need to give this oil coating every time your shoes get soaked in water.

Using creams

Natural and oil based creams are one of the most sought-after methods for cleaning, polishing and waterproofing leather shoes. These creams are made from 100% natural ingredients; therefore, you can rest assured about the quality of your shoes. Here are some points to bear in mind while using creams:

  • Lanolin (an oil created from sheep’s wool) is one of the best shoe cream for waterproofing leather shoes; this cream has been used for the same for more than 100 years now, which explains its effectiveness
  • Never apply the cream on the shoes directly, because when the oils are absorbed by the leather, it can cause discoloration, breakage and separation of leather fibres; always apply a reasonable amount of cream on a soft cloth for rubbing all over the shoes.

Using sprays

​If you have been wondering about how to waterproof leather boots, sprays might be the answer that you are looking for. There are two kinds of sprays used in this process – silicon polymer and acrylic copolymer. Some points to note while using these sprays are given below:

  • Leather boots must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before the application of waterproofing sprays.
  • Hold the spray bottle at least about 8 inches from the boots and spray with the nozzle pointing the boots.
  • A light coat should be applied first all over the boots evenly. Once the boots dry off naturally, you can apply a second coat if necessary.
  • Waterproofing sprays should be used at least once in a month for better performance and durability of your leather boots
  • Ensure that you cover the floor with a newspaper first before applying the spray, so that the chemicals in the spray don’t spoil the areas around the boots.

Using home-made solutions for waterproofing

​If you don’t want to use the store-bought sprays and creams to waterproof your favourite pair of leather boots, you can use a simple home-made remedy for the same. This remedy consists of making use of very simple ingredients that are natural and effective. It is also cost-effective when compared to the store-bought products. Here is how you do it:

  • About 200ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 50gm of natural beeswax, few drops of lavender oil and tea tree oils for the smell are the ingredients needed for this (lavender and tea tree oils should be in the ration of 2:1)
  • Pour the olive oil and wax into a bowl and put the bowl in a pan of cold water.
  • Heat the pan and continue mixing the contents of the bowl until the wax is fully melted and blended with the oil.
  • Take the bowl from the pan and mix the essential oils (optional) into this and continue mixing until the content gets into the consistency of a thick paste. It can take about 15 to 20 minutes for the same.
  • Allow the mixture to cool nicely so that it becomes stiff.
  • Once it stiffens, it is the perfect time to start using it.
  • The highlight of this home-made mixture is that it not only does waterproofing for your leather boots but also other accessories like wallets, belts, hats, etc. made from leather.

From the above, we can understand that waterproofing leather boots, is not such a difficult step, after all, isn’t it? Yes, it requires a few minutes from you regularly (at least once a month). However, it is worth every second, because it lends a lot of durability to your shoes and justifies the big investment that you have made in them.

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Best Waterproof Work Boots

When you are looking for work shoes, then you should have an option which provides both comfort as well as durability. The shoe that you choose needs to be reasonably priced. Leather tends to be more durable in a work boot than it does in a tennis shoe. For many companies, work boots are required with specifications such as oil and slip resistant. And while you could go out and get a cheap pair of boots, it is more beneficial (both to your comfort and to your wallet) to have the best waterproof work boots. Here are 5 of the best waterproof workboots that we think are worth consideration.

Timberland Pro Direct Attach 6” Steel Safety Toe Waterproof Insulated Boot

Timberland Pro is an established brand of leather shoes which typically have a blend of leather and insulation materials. It is not uncommon to find nubuck leather shoe options, or to have a soft leather aesthetic and feel, even though the actual construction of the boot is made from a thicker gauge. The Timberland Pro Direct Attach 6” Steel Safety Toe Waterproof Insulated Boot comes in 6 different color configurations. These are brown, tan, black, wheat, and after dark full grain. Customers have stated that the insulation provides for a blister free, break in free boot, an essential if you are purchasing the waterproof boot for working.

Top Pros

  • The sole of the boot is quite durable and thick. Wear on the boot does not seem to affect the tread considerably, a statement to the quality of the binding of the boot to the leather as well as to the grade of rubber used.
  • Leather has a great longevity of use. Some customers have stated that they have been able to get 2.5 to 3 years of use from a single pair of shoes. Others have stated the lifespan at 1.5 to 2 years. Either way, it is extremely long for a pair of boots to last.
  • Insulation keeps the warm in during the winter but is not overpowering during the warm months making the boot appropriate for all weather conditions.

Top Cons

  • Some of the soles on the Timberland Boosts have become unglued after a few months of use, per customer reviews. This problem is generally seen in the back heel portion of the shoe.
  • The steel toe insulation may press out of the insulation after some wear causing discomfort to the wearer
  • The tread has been shown to split in half on some pairs. In cases where this has occurred, the company has replaced the shoe.

Dickies Men’s Challenger Waterproof Work Boot

These best waterproof work boots cheaper than some of the alternatives on the market, but for a good reason. They are not 100% genuine leather. The sole is made from synthetic materials. The sides and other portions of the shoe are made from genuine leather. While this may seem a bit offsetting, the synthetic material on the sole helps to add to the waterproofing of the Dickies Men’s Challenger Waterproof Work Boot. As the boot is a intended for the working man, PU shock absorbent materials have been added. Additionally, the boot has oil and slip TPU on the outsole.

Top Pros

  • Boots are available in a number of different sizes including some of those which are harder to find in competitor’s brands. And while you would expect such sizes to add substantially to the cost of the work boot, they remain one of the cheapest solutions on the market.
  • Built to last. The material and leather combination has been reported to be that of “military grade” type boots by customers.
  • The boot typically conforms to the requirements for warehouse and industrial workman clothing, meaning that they are oil and slip resistant as well as waterproof

Top Cons

  • The boots are not 100% genuine leather. The synthetics of the sole as a result are more susceptible to cuts and abrasions then genuine leather would be. Longevity of life may be effected in high stress work environments.
  • The non-slip feature has had issues on concrete and wet tile as well as metal. Granted, the level of water and oil on the surface plays a great deal into the slip or non-slippage, customers should be aware that there may be some limitations to the traction of the shoe.
  • Customers have complained that the cushioning is not sufficient to give high levels of comfort.
  • Alternative methods may be required for the cleaning of the leather and the cleaning of the synthetic leather as these are two different materials. Customers should be aware that the toe is apt to wear out before the actual shoe and that should something fall upon the synthetic steel toe, that denting and deformation of the shoe is more prone to happen than in genuine leather.

Rocky Men’s Mobilite Six Inch Steel Toe Work Boot

Steel boots are usually required in industries which have heavy equipment, such as vehicle manufacturing plants. Commercial companies which deal with corrosive materials may also require a steel toe boot such as the Rocky Men’s Mobilite Six inch steel toe work boot. Unlike other boots offered, the Rocky boot has a lower ankle height. It is not a tennis shoe, by any means, but it does not have that standard “boot” design. This is more of a casual work boot in terms of design. Flexible insulation on the top back of the boot contributes more to this.

Top Pros

  • Constructed with full grain leather with small tight stitching. The construction is professionally done and customers have not had complaints on the binding of the leather.
  • The toe box is wide and oblique reducing the probability of having the steel from the steel toe press against the foot. Insulation on the inner sole further minimizes discomfort from the steel toe.
  • Low maintenance cleaning and care of the boot makes them a pull on and go solution ideal for those with limited time to allot to the care and maintenance. It is recommended that you clean and condition periodically to increase the life of the shoe even though it does not require such daily.

Top Cons

  • The oblique toe may not be substantial enough to accommodate larger feet. And while those with regular sized feet will find that there is a bit of space between the foot and the steel, customers have complained that the spacing is not substantial and that rubbing can occur against the plate.
  • The heaviness of the shoe has been reported by some wearers to cause discomfort in waking and in the hips. This may be a result of an existing condition, if you consistently find discomfort with steel toe work boots try inserts.
  • The laces on the boots are rather flimsy and have a tendency to break. While the boot is constructed well, you will need to have a replacement set of laces to keep them on your feet as the standards are thin and fray/cut easily during wear.

KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

A bit more eclectic then the standard black and brown or monotone best waterproof work boots leather boot, the KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot sports red or yellow highlighting to the design. This is done in both the rubber sole of the boot as well as in the insulation of the boot. The leather on the boot tends to be tri tone in construction meaning that the toe and the lower sides are one color, the upper ankle area is another (usually black or grey) and the insert is the highlight color. Those needing a low level of leather but still need to have waterproofing and steel toe to meet job specifications may find this boot suitable.

Top Pros

  • More stylish than the traditional work boot. It has more of a tennis shoe and sports boot than it does of a work boot.
  • Customers have stated that the boots are very comfortable as well as functional. The boot has been compared to red wings and other top brands in the market regarding their durability. Additionally, those which have worn the work boot have stated that the waterproofing is substantial.
  • The heel is thick resulting in a slow wearing down on the sole of the shoe. Those which work for 12-16 hours a day have stated that the boot holds up exceptionally well.

Top Cons

  • Multiple materials have a higher tendency to fray and become un-stitched due to the connectivity between the various materials. As such, there have been a few cases where the seams have become lose or stitching has become undone.
  • While the boot is waterproof, some have pointed out that the fabrics on the boot are less than ideal and have even retained water and moisture.
  • While stylish in design, there have been several complaints that the insulation is not comfortable at all. Workers have stated that the boot may be more suited for leisure and hiking than for the day to day work environment.

EVER BOOTS “Ultra Dry” Men’s Premium Leather Waterproof Work Boots

Obviously, the major draw for these waterproof work boots is the claim for superior dryness. The company is so confident in their claim that they offer a 30 day waterproof money back warranty. From a work boot design, the Ever Boots “Ultra Dry” Men’s Premium Leather Waterproof Work boots are fairly standard. There is the high rubber backing on the heel, the black fabric on the ankle, and the breathable insulation on the interior. The boot is ideal for heavy construction as well as farming and other outdoor activities.

Top Pros

  • Substantial arch support minimizes the risk of pain on the back and legs. For those who are consistently on their feet and lifting throughout the day, this is a key feature to have in your work boots.
  • Breathable insulation keeps the foot well padded while at the same time allowing for the foot to remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • The boot is primarily leather lending to a longer lifespan than some of the other boots composed of multiple materials and glue configurations.
  • Dyes in the shoe remain strong over time, even when the shoe has been subjected to water and to UVs which have a tendency to minimize the effects of dye in leather shoes.

Top Cons

  • Perforated insulation material has a tendency to capture smells and moisture. It is recommended that you use a cleaner and treatment on the interior of the shoe regularly to minimize bacterium and odor.
  • Boots have shown to be ill fitted for those doing a great deal of walking. They may cause blisters on the feet. This is especially true if the boot is worn for hiking purposes. General working situations showed less irritation to the foot, but customers have still complained that they are not the most comfortable shoe.
  • The insulation is rather thin in some sections. The waterproofing has shown to be lacking. Some have stated that the waterproofing is non-existent. Those working in jobs where water and condensation are an issue may wish to seek an alternative.

A note about waterproof shoes

Waterproofing on shoes generally is a combination on the leather and the coating used on the leather. As such, it is best that the purchaser of the waterproof shoe treat the boot with the proper cleaner and coating to increase the functionality of the boot. For the best results, ensure that you have your foot sized before purchasing your water proof boot. While you may be a size 13 in one brand, you could be a size 12 ½ in another brand. Boots should be picked according to the profession and strain that you will put upon the shoe. If you have questions regarding the various leathers which are used in work boots, contact your local leather artisan for information and advice on which leather shoe would be appropriate to meet your needs.

How To

How To Recondition Leather

Leather is one of the most luxurious materials used in making a variety of different products. People love the feel, the smell, and the durability that leather brings to products. Over time leather tends to lose its luster and some people will choose to discard the item, but there is no reason to be discouraged or lose your favorite clothing, accessory item, or even furniture. The leather can be reconditioned to be just as good a new. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

Clean the Leather

The first step in the reconditioning process is to clean the leather. Leather can dull overtime and the shine or the texture can become quite rough. Most of that comes from the leather being dirty. Leather cleaners are specialized solutions that clean the leather in a way that does not erode the quality. It is not recommended to use water simply because of its harmful effects on most types of leather. When you purchase a leather cleaner, make certain that you know which type of leather you need to recondition. There are differences and using the wrong type of cleaner will damage the material to the point where the reconditioning process will be ineffective.


​Before you go to the next part of the process, the leather has to dry. Whether you are reconditioning pair of boots, a leather sofa, or even a jacket, a clean dry surface is the way to ensure that the remainder of this process is most effective. Hang clothing and hand bags in a dry place away from the sun so as not to bleach the product. Some will try to dry the product faster by hanging it in the sun, but always remember that the best reconditioning regimen is one that is slow and methodical.

​Reconditioning Cream

You can purchase leather reconditioning cream from a variety of different places. Convenient stores as well as large scale retailers may have what you need, but if you truly care about the product you are reconditioning, just buying any leather reconditioning product simply will not do. Your leather product was purchased because you love the product and putting some generic reconditioning agent on it is not way to treat the product.

​Leather professionals understand that the type of leather is an important factor in which reconditioning product you choose. When you go to the average retailer for help with the leather reconditioning project, they are not going to be a professional in the process. They will simply show you a product that is general use for all types of leather and that can damage the product depending on what type of leather is being reconditioned. If it is your first time reconditioning the leather product, you want to do it the right way and trusting in a leather professional such as www.rainierleather.com will ensure that you have the right reconditioning cream for the right type of leather.

​Apply the Cream

Leather conditioning cream is not something that is just sprayed on and left alone. It takes time and concern to do it the right way. First, choose a cloth that is right for the job. Using a washcloth or a paper towel will likely leave behind a considerable amount of dust and debris that can soak into the leather making it dull. The best cloth to use is either a cloth diaper or a cloth napkin. These types of cloth will allow you to leave a clean surface behind to make the leather product look perfectly refreshed.

​Apply a small amount of reconditioning cream to the cloth and slowly apply it to the product being reconditioned. You never want to use a lot of the reconditioning cream in one are due to the fact that you can cause the leather to appear uneven when the reconditioning process is complete. You will also want to use gloves while you using the cream to keep away from any adverse skin reactions.

​When applying the cream to the leather product, gently rub the leather with the cloth and massage the cream into the material. Using a circular motion can help to apply the product evenly and show a smoother finish, but if you leather product of has a specific grain, it is best to go along with that. Work in small areas until the entire product is covered with the conditioner.

​Dry Properly

​There are some people that will simply put the leather reconditioning cream on the product and put it away or use it right away. This is no way to ensure that the conditioning process is a success. The cream has to have ample time to dry properly. To dry the product correctly, hang it up in a cool place and away from the sun just like when you first cleaned it. The reconditioning cream needs to have time to set into the product, but once it is dry you are able to put the product away until it is needed or used again.

​How Often do You Recondition Leather?

​The leather reconditioning process can take up a lot of time, but luckily, it is not something that has to be done all the time. Reconditioning leather is recommended to be done once per year. This will allow for your leather products to maintain their shape and texture throughout the year and maximize the overall lifespan of the product. When leather is properly taken care of, the product can and will last for decades and therefore, your initial investment into the product will be quite minimal when compared to the overall lifespan of other products.

​Leather products are timeless and hold their value much better than many other materials on the market today. Trusting your leather product to a leather craftsman for purchase as well as advice on keeping the leather fresh will also enhance its usability and lifespan. We at Rainier Leather want your leather products to last for your entire life, so trust us for all your leather needs.

Leather Handicraft

How To Cut Leather

Leather is a very unique and useful product. If you are among the growing number of people dabbling in the art of leather production. There is a lot to know before you cut leather. It is not just about simply taking a pair of scissors and cutting like with other materials. It takes care and concern for the product as well as high quality tools to ensure that the edges are correct and do not end up looking uneven or jagged. Here is what you need to know before you decide to cut leather and the tools to help you do it properly.

The Importance of Good Quality Leather

Before you can begin to cut leather, you have to have it in your possession. Leathers are not all created equally. Some are of substandard quality and therefore can be purchased anywhere. There are also some that fall into the middle of the road category and will allow you to do many project with a durable material, but the best leather materials come from those that understand the art of leather working. Just any leather may not work for every project, so make sure that you get your leather from a reputable leather artisan. They can show you the different grades of leather and allow for more understanding of the product than simply trusting anyone selling leather pieces.

​Choose Your Knife Wisely

When you are learning how to cut leather you will have to overcome some obstacles. Just like choosing the proper leather for your project, you need to choose the best knife for the job as well. There are a number of choices, but the most important thing is the ensure that your knife have a good handle that fits your hand well and also one that is sharp and made of durable materials. The best place to get advice on the right type of knife is again with a known leather artisan. Investing in a good quality knife will allow for you to be able to do multiple projects without the fear of the blade or the handle breaking. An x-acto knife or a box cutter can work with some projects, but a specialized leather cutting tools is recommended.

Know What You Are Doing

With some craft and artisan projects, the artist can get by with winging their overall design. This means that you do not really have an idea of the design you are going for and you are simply going with your gut. When you cut leather, you do not want to work in this manner. Having a plan in mind is the only way to accomplish what you want to do. Leather can be quite expensive depending on the quality chosen and therefore winging your design can cause you to spend more on materials than needed. Patterns allow for you to have a plan in mind before simply cutting at the leather. The pattern can be laid over the leather so that you have an idea as to what and where you are going to cut.

​Where to Cut

Before you begin cutting on your dining room table or another expensive piece of equipment consider investing in a place to cut on. You may want to get a cutting board specifically for your leather cutting projects. Stay away from any cutting surface that is not smooth as the cutting surface could damage the leather before any cutting can begin. A self-healing mat is usually the best option because you are able to cut all the way through the piece of leather effectively and without dulling your knife. Some surfaces such as metal may allow for a smooth surface but the act of the blade going through the leather can cause the metal to either break or dull the blade thereby diminishing your ability to complete more projects. The surface you choose should be stable and easy to get to without being too short or too tall to work on.

​Case the Leather

Once you have chosen your leather, your work surface, and have your tools in order you have to prep the leather to be cut. This means casing the leather. Casing is a term that simply means that you are wetting the leather to ensure that it is easy to cut without causing the knife to slip. A casing solution can be purchased at reputable leather stores. Some people work with water as a casing solution, but water is not always a friend to all leathers. The casing solution is a mix of leather friendly chemicals that never strip away valuable oils, but instead enhance the strength of the leather and the durability so it can be cut easily.

​Cut Out the Piece

​The first step when cutting out your design is to cut out the main part. Some designs can be quite intricate and you may think that it is a better idea to start with the intricate pieces, but in all actuality, you will have a better chance of success if you cut out the main shape of the piece before working with the individual details. The piece can tear when some of the leather is already cut from the design. Always keep you pattern on your design and strait to ensure that it looks exactly like it should.

​Do Not Be Discouraged

​Working with leather is a true art form. You will not learn everything you need to know from one time cutting out your piece. It takes trial and error to get the technique right and therefore you may have a lot of pieces that you mess up on in the beginning, but with practice and patience, you will be cutting leather like a pro in no time.

​The best leather artisans take years to understand the complexity of the material they are working with and when in doubt, trust the experts. Do not be afraid to ask questions and for the best source of information trust us at. We are there for all your leather needs and have the information you need to make your leather projects all they can be. We know how to cut leather and we can help you as well.

Leather Products/Gadgets

Best Slip On Work Boots

Traditionally, the slip on boot (pull on boot) has been associated with the cowboy boot, but this is not the case in modern fashion. The various designs, materials used, and the overall functionality have yielded a large selection of slip on leather work boots for various professions. Whether you are looking to work on a farm or wish to have a luxury shoe for your office profession, these best slip on work boots (best pull on work boots) can definitively fit the needs of your profession. Here are our top 5 picks.

Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-on Steel-Toe Boot

Caterpillar is an industry standard when it comes to heavy duty construction equipment. As such, you would expect that their boots would have the same level of durability and performance (since the brand is put on the label). The caterpillar men’s revolver pull-on Steel-Toe Boot resembles the cowboy boots of old, meaning that there is a very high ankle/leg support to the boot. The leather is imported dark brown leather designed with dual pull handles and a slip- resistant outsole.

The Top Pros

  • The traction on the boots has been praised by customers from various geographic locations. Ice, mud, and water have all been reported to have been tested against the slip on boot with results being that the foot stays dry.
  • Short break in period for most customers, making it ideal for those which need to have a sturdy pair of boots for work right away.
  • Design of the boot allows for pants to comfortably fit over the high part of the support
  • Caterpillar is a known brand, standard in construction and the quality is reflected with the manufacturing of the shoe.

The Top Cons

  • You do pay a bit for the CAT brand
  • Sizing of the boot is consistently off from other brands by about .5 of a size.

Dr. Martens Men’s Fusion Safety-Toe Chelsea Boot

If you do not desire a large boot, but want to have a design which mimicks more of the loafer or low luxury boot, then the Dr. Martens Men’s Fusion Safety-Toe Chelsea Boot may be for you. The boot is a combination/fusion of real leather and synthetic material. Stitching on the slide on shoe is 360 degrees and helps to support the glue on the sole.

The Top Pros

  • Boot is available in two different colors
  • The boot has a textured outsole and is slip-resistant
  • Moderate to light everyday wear of the boots will yield a life of about 2 years. Tread is extremely thick for a slip on boot (about 2 inches or so) which helps to minimize the wear and tear common with such boots.

The Top Cons

  • Bending and squatting in the boots has shown to cause water leakage in the boot. Those which have to constantly do so in their profession may need to constantly water treat the product.
  • The shoe is wide. Individuals with narrow feet may find that the shoe causes discomfort and blistering of the feet. The insulation in the shoe is rather thin and can further the irritation should your toes already have extra wiggle room.

Redback Men’s Bobcat UBBK BLACK Elastic Sided Soft Toe Leather Work Boot

What first caught my attention on this best slip on work boots was the front and the back pull tabs. While a front slip on tab may not seem to be that important in a boot, I have oftentimes found that I can get either the toe or the heel on but need assistance in getting the other area done. And even though the shoe has a synthetic sole, the design seems competitive with some of the leading brands on the market.

The Top Pros

  • The boot has an optional additional insert for the slip on which will come in handy as customers report that the longevity of the boot is more than a year and a half. You are more apt to wear through the insert than you are to wear out the sole. A few customers have reported the shoe to last up to 6 years.
  • The design is not heavy construction based making it appropriate for EMS, Station workers, and office personnel.
  • The sole of the shoe provides enough support and comfort without adding excessive weight to the shoe.

The Top Cons

  • In order to get the appropriate size for your shoe, you will need to get a chart conversion from your current sizing. These shoes are imported from Australia, and so the shoe sizing is a bit different. Buyers should contact the company directly about concerns with sizing as some customers have said that they sized down and the shoe fit where others have stated that they needed to size up a few numbers from their US size for a proper fit.
  • The shape of the boot has been reported to distort after minimal wear. This may be the result of improper pairing of various gauges of leather, or it could be that the leather has not been treated properly.

Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-on H20 Work Boot

The durable rubber sole of this boot is what enables it to be among my picks for best slip on work boots. The boot has the appearance of a work boot and the durability needed to stand up to any form of hard work you have to do, but it maintains its stylish appearance with the hand stamped etching on the upper part of the boot. This particular boot also comes in a variety of colors to suit the needs of any wearer. It is able to go from the work day to an evening out with relative ease and cleans off easily for maximum use.

The Top Pros

  • The boot consistently has proven to be capable of keeping feet dry in various weather conditions. The boot is ideal for professionals who work in industries where condensation is a major factor to their work performance.
  • The re-enforced pull on the top helps to prevent wear and tear on the toe of the shoe. Other shoes which do not offer this feature tend to have issues with the stitching along the toe after pulling and use. The loop may become a bit worn after a while, but this is a trade off when considering that it is a small piece of fabric over the large toe of the shoe.
  • Soft padding on the inside provide for a comfortable yet structural place for your foot to inhabit and the rounded toe gives your tows room to move without feeling boxed in. You may need to purchase additional inserts for the shoes as they tend to wear out over time. However, this is common in slip on work boots.
  • Multi-shock technology absorbs the stress on the arches of the foot to maximize comfort. This comes in particularly useful to those which work in professions where standing on concrete, metal, as well as those which have a lot of step-ups and downs (such as truckers, and warehouse managers). Customers have stated that 12 to 16 hour shifts can be performed with little to no discomfort on the heels.

The Top Cons

  • Not very supportive for heavy use. This boot is best suited for medium to light wear.
  • The boot does not make any claims to be a steel toe boot, so those which require such will need to look elsewhere.
  • Leather fades and scuffs easily. Customers are encouraged to polish, clean, and condition the shoe regularly

Wolverine Men’s Raider Romeo Contour Welt Steel Toe Work Boot

If you are looking for the best slip on work boots, but also want to have a luxurious look then the Wolverine Men’s Raider Romeo Contour Welt Steel-Toe Work Boot will do the trick. The boot is lower cut than other standard brands, has that nice dark brown look mixed with the side fabrics to give it a nice aesthetic. The wolverine boot does not claim to be waterproof which is a major drawback for a work boot. However, the steel toe as well as the thick sole do well to compensate for this loss.

The Top Pros

  • The upper portion of the shoe is full-grain leather and the toe is not synthetic (as is a great deal of the competition). This adds to both the natural look as well as to the longevity of the product.
  • Contour welt allows for the boots to bend and flex while not losing the shape of the boot. It also allows for a lower break in time on the boots. Customers have stated that the flex is comparable to an athletic shoe.
  • Wide fitting to allow for those with less than ideal feet to fit and work comfortably. Not a narrow boot.
  • Lower cut boot allows plays to a more luxurious style than heavy rubber or cowboy style work boots.

The Top Cons

  • Boots tend to be sized larger than regular shoe sizes. Combined with the wide design of the shoe, you may end up swimming in it.
  • The steel-toe box may be a bit cramming for some people. The box has shown to be very uncomfortable on the foot which would also suggest that the interior lining on the boot is rather thin or that the steel box is not properly installed in the boot.
  • The shoe is rather heavy for such a small steel-toe boot. Those which are not used to working in steel-toes may find that the weight throws off their alignment and walking a bit.

A note about slip on work boots

The best slip on work boots are shipped from various locations in the world. This means that the sizing may be different than the US sizing standards. Check where your shoes are coming from and use the appropriate chart. When you receive your shoes, always check the stitching, glue, and inserts for any visible defects. Customers should note that most slip on work boots will require a level of breaking in. However, if you experience extreme discomfort or if you see blisters on your feet, you are encouraged to cease wearing the shoes.

Regardless of the level of luxury and design that you receive from your shoe, you should always have leather conditioners, cleaners, and perform routine maintenance on your slip on work boots. Keep in mind that some shoes warranties are voided if polishes are added. Check the specifics of your particular brand before applying anything to the leather.

Leather Products/Gadgets

Best Money Clip Wallet For Men

Money Clip wallets vary from the standardized wallet in that they are specifically designed to allow for a slimmer wallet by holding the person’s money on the exterior of the wallet. This can be accomplished with a leather clasp or with a metal clip. Here are the top ten money clip wallets for men that we found.

Gucci Microguccissima Leather Money Clip, Orange 308915

The Gucci Leather Money clip is designed with microguccissima leather. This means that the leit ather is embossed. There is no special leather to the money clip. Rather, Guicci has called their particular method of embossing microguccissima. Qualities of the Guicci Leather Money Clip includes a thick leather stained orange. According to customer reviews, the leather is very resilient to color fading and getting dirty. It would appear that the leather is coated rather thickly (which contributes to that shine).

​The clip mechanism on the Microguccissma money clip is logo embossed silver. And while the while this may be an attraction for luxury seeking holders, it should be noted that the silver content is rather low (as a 100% pure silver would be too pliable to hold money). The silver clip is located on the back of the wallet. Other design features include 2 card slots and one center pocket.

Top Pros

  • Durable leather which can last years with little to no maintenance
  • Gucci is a top luxury and fashion brand making the owner perceived as such
  • A unique embossing method sets the wallet apart from other “slick” designs

Top Cons

  • I am not sure how functional the sliver clip will be for large stacks of money
  • Only 2 card slots is rather limiting in today’s society where most people have a bank card and at least 2 credit cards plus ID.

This wallet is best suited for those which are familiar with Gucci and have the money to purchase the brand. You are definitely buying the brand and not the wallet in this case, as the features are quite standard to other less expensive competitive brands.

Trafalgar Men’s Cortina Triple Flip Clip Wallet

The Trafalgar Men’s Cortina Triple Flip Clip Wallet is a combination between the traditional slim wallet and a money clip. The money clip is equipped with the horizontal flip of a traditional money clip with 4 interior credit card slots. The flip over component is on the back and covers the metal money clip giving it the aesthetics of traditional billfold.

In terms of material and design, there is some question about whether or not the product is made from real leather. While the company is known for leather products, the clip is listed as being 100% Other fibers. This has resulted in some concluding that the Trafalgar Men’s Cortina Triple Flip Clip Wallet may have more synthetics than genuine leather.

Top Pros

  • Plenty of slots to accommodate most people’s existing cards and ID
  • Flip over design protects the money clip as well as provides a level of security by hiding one’s money
  • Dark brown and black dyes are compatible with most men’s wardrobes

Top Cons

  • Spot Clean Only
  • May not be Genuine Leather or it may be low quality leather
  • Flip tends to get aggravating and hinders access to money

This wallet is best suited as a mid-level gift or personal purchase. While it is not in the same market as the Gucci money clip, it is also not in the bargain bin of a mega superstore. Those looking to have a functional and decently priced money clip may find this option attractive.

Distil Union Wally Bifold – Slim Genuine Leather Wallet for Men with Money Clip

The reason that the Distil Union wallet is a pick for the best money clip wallet for men is not so much the clip aspect as the unique features of the wallet. The design of the Distil has a Wally Pull-Tab which allows the man to access his credit cards quite easily. Pulls are located on the exterior sides of the wallet, and while the function of the pulls make this slim wallet unique, the bright red colors may be a bit too much against the grey, black, or tan leather options.

In regards to the money clip, it is a turn tension adjuster clip. This means that you turn the money clip to adjust the tension. The location of the clip is a bit different than most money clips on the market. Instead of placing the money clip on the exterior of the wallet, the clip is located on the center seam of the wallet. As such, the physical clip is rather slim, giving the impression that it may not be as durable as the product claims. However, the ability to fold the wallet and keep the money on the interior of the wallet does add a bit of security to holding onto bills as well as helps to carry that traditional look and feel of a wallet.

Top Pros

  • Wally Pull-Tabs located on the sides of the Distil Union Wally Billfold make accessing cards quite convenient
  • Turn tension money clip can be adjusted for large stacks of money or for a single bill
  • Slim and light design makes it easy to carry the wallet in the front or side pocket

Top Cons

  • Card space stretches to the number of cards which you put within them. So, if you put in 3 cards, don’t expect one card to stay within the space. It will slide out.
  • Leather coating on the edges has shown to wear off after only a few months of use
  • Money Clip can tear into your cash if the tension is too high.
  • While the pully may be nice for a time, having to do so constantly can become tiresome.

This wallet is best suited for those which only have a few dollars to carry and want to have more of a novelty wallet than that of a luxury design wallet. The wallet does have a 1 year warranty and so there is a bit of a try before you dedicate yourself to this wallet incentive.

Palm West Men’s Minimalist Premium Leather Money Clip Wallet RFID Blocking

If you are looking for a wallet that showcases the design of the money clip but also adheres to the concept that you do not have to pay a ton to have a luxurious design, this may be for you. The Palm West brand is an established one and so there is a bit of the company’s trademark design within the design of the Money Clip. The design of the Palm West Men’s Minimalist Premium Leather Money Clip has 6 Cards in each slot. This makes it ideal for those which wish to have multiple cards.

The Palm West Minimalist Premium Leather Money clip is spring loaded and is especially designed to hold several bills. As with most spring loaded clips, there has been some complaints that the mechanism wears down after heavy use of the clip. However, for general use the wallet has shown an incredible durability lasting up to 10 years or more before needing replacement.

Aesthetically, the design has a sort of blue-jean stitching and feel to it. The contrast between the black leather and the light threading does a great deal in this regard. Additionally, the large brass logo on the front yields more to the button on a pair of jeans furthering the perception.

Top Pros

  • Can be used for both casual and formal attire
  • Durable leather which last for years. It is still advised that you add conditioner ever so often to keep it in prime condition.
  • Several slots to hold cards and other material without stretching the leather
  • The brass button gives it a casual look

Top Cons

  • Wallet has a problem holding more than 3 to 5 bills at a time
  • Clip requires you to remove all the money when you pay for a purchase
  • Some wallets have been sent without the stitching or with poor gluing at the seams. This is a red flag for the durability of the product. Check the seams and stitching carefully before use.
  • Several cases of empty boxes being shipped. This is a negative against the customer service and not so much against the design of the wallet. An empty box is useless. That being stated, in all cases where an empty box was shipped a replacement was immediately shipped to the customer.

This wallet is suitable for those looking to have a money clip which has minimal features. The money clip does have mixed reviews. Ensure that if you purchase this wallet that the product comes as described. Those who tend to carry 10 or more bills at a time may want to consider a clip with a higher tension.

Men’s Lambskin Leather Spring Money Clip Compact Billfold Front Pocket Wallet

There is a reason that this money clip is called a front pocket wallet. The lambskin is incredibly soft and luxurious and those which have this type of leather will want to show it off. On the downside, the leather is extremely soft and luxurious meaning it will scuff and rip easily if you attempt to put it in your back pocket like a standard wallet.

The money clip portion of the wallet is a spring loaded slim clip which clamps to the middle of unfolded bills. The tension can be adjusted by turning the spring of the clip. However, due to the thin nature of the metal, there is a tendency for the clip to dig into the cash. Furthermore, there is nothing holding he leather clip into the slot where the spring goes. The money clip can slide right out of the wallet.

Top Pros

  • Low priced product makes minor flaws in the design acceptable
  • Many slots for the money clip as well as a sturdy clip action
  • Soft Lambskin design

Top Cons

  • Clip is not secured to the leather lending to the clip falling out
  • Plastic ID slot has really thin edges making it possible to slide the ID between the leather and plastic instead of into the case.
  • Clip has a tendency to cut into bills, especially if you have a large stack of cash.

This wallet is best suited for those which are looking for a day-to-day wallet without having the thicker cowhide options which seem to dominate the market. There is a bit more maintenance with lambskin, but those which take the proper care of the product will have it for years. This wallet is not advised for those who prefer to carry their wallet in a side or back pocket.

Which wallet should you buy?

​When you are looking for the best wallet clip for a man, whether for yourself or someone else, you need to pair the functionality with the design. Wallets should be durable but they should also make a statement to the personality of the person carrying it. Of course, cost will be a consideration, and so a person should ensure that they are purchasing a quality wallet and not just paying for a brand name or for extra features which are not really needed. If you have questions about how to pick out the best leather money clip wallet, ask your local leather artisan for advice. Before buying, it is advised that you brush up on how to tell genuine leather from fake leather as well as how to look for quality leather products.

​The most important feature which should be considered when purchasing a leather money clip for a man is simple, does it hold money? If he clip does not hold money well then you need to seek a different wallet. Spring loaded wallets should be evaluated to see how durable the spring is. Magnetic clips should be tested to see how strong the magnet hold when multiple bills are added to the clip.