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Leather Products/Gadgets

Best Slip On Work Boots

Traditionally, the slip on boot (pull on boot) has been associated with the cowboy boot, but this is not the case in modern fashion. The various designs, materials used, and the overall functionality have yielded a large selection of slip on leather work boots for various professions. Whether you are looking to work on a farm or wish to have a luxury shoe for your office profession, these best slip on work boots (best pull on work boots) can definitively fit the needs of your profession. Here are our top 5 picks.

Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-on Steel-Toe Boot

Caterpillar is an industry standard when it comes to heavy duty construction equipment. As such, you would expect that their boots would have the same level of durability and performance (since the brand is put on the label). The caterpillar men’s revolver pull-on Steel-Toe Boot resembles the cowboy boots of old, meaning that there is a very high ankle/leg support to the boot. The leather is imported dark brown leather designed with dual pull handles and a slip- resistant outsole.

The Top Pros

  • The traction on the boots has been praised by customers from various geographic locations. Ice, mud, and water have all been reported to have been tested against the slip on boot with results being that the foot stays dry.
  • Short break in period for most customers, making it ideal for those which need to have a sturdy pair of boots for work right away.
  • Design of the boot allows for pants to comfortably fit over the high part of the support
  • Caterpillar is a known brand, standard in construction and the quality is reflected with the manufacturing of the shoe.

The Top Cons

  • You do pay a bit for the CAT brand
  • Sizing of the boot is consistently off from other brands by about .5 of a size.

Dr. Martens Men’s Fusion Safety-Toe Chelsea Boot

If you do not desire a large boot, but want to have a design which mimicks more of the loafer or low luxury boot, then the Dr. Martens Men’s Fusion Safety-Toe Chelsea Boot may be for you. The boot is a combination/fusion of real leather and synthetic material. Stitching on the slide on shoe is 360 degrees and helps to support the glue on the sole.

The Top Pros

  • Boot is available in two different colors
  • The boot has a textured outsole and is slip-resistant
  • Moderate to light everyday wear of the boots will yield a life of about 2 years. Tread is extremely thick for a slip on boot (about 2 inches or so) which helps to minimize the wear and tear common with such boots.

The Top Cons

  • Bending and squatting in the boots has shown to cause water leakage in the boot. Those which have to constantly do so in their profession may need to constantly water treat the product.
  • The shoe is wide. Individuals with narrow feet may find that the shoe causes discomfort and blistering of the feet. The insulation in the shoe is rather thin and can further the irritation should your toes already have extra wiggle room.

Redback Men’s Bobcat UBBK BLACK Elastic Sided Soft Toe Leather Work Boot

What first caught my attention on this best slip on work boots was the front and the back pull tabs. While a front slip on tab may not seem to be that important in a boot, I have oftentimes found that I can get either the toe or the heel on but need assistance in getting the other area done. And even though the shoe has a synthetic sole, the design seems competitive with some of the leading brands on the market.

The Top Pros

  • The boot has an optional additional insert for the slip on which will come in handy as customers report that the longevity of the boot is more than a year and a half. You are more apt to wear through the insert than you are to wear out the sole. A few customers have reported the shoe to last up to 6 years.
  • The design is not heavy construction based making it appropriate for EMS, Station workers, and office personnel.
  • The sole of the shoe provides enough support and comfort without adding excessive weight to the shoe.

The Top Cons

  • In order to get the appropriate size for your shoe, you will need to get a chart conversion from your current sizing. These shoes are imported from Australia, and so the shoe sizing is a bit different. Buyers should contact the company directly about concerns with sizing as some customers have said that they sized down and the shoe fit where others have stated that they needed to size up a few numbers from their US size for a proper fit.
  • The shape of the boot has been reported to distort after minimal wear. This may be the result of improper pairing of various gauges of leather, or it could be that the leather has not been treated properly.

Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-on H20 Work Boot

The durable rubber sole of this boot is what enables it to be among my picks for best slip on work boots. The boot has the appearance of a work boot and the durability needed to stand up to any form of hard work you have to do, but it maintains its stylish appearance with the hand stamped etching on the upper part of the boot. This particular boot also comes in a variety of colors to suit the needs of any wearer. It is able to go from the work day to an evening out with relative ease and cleans off easily for maximum use.

The Top Pros

  • The boot consistently has proven to be capable of keeping feet dry in various weather conditions. The boot is ideal for professionals who work in industries where condensation is a major factor to their work performance.
  • The re-enforced pull on the top helps to prevent wear and tear on the toe of the shoe. Other shoes which do not offer this feature tend to have issues with the stitching along the toe after pulling and use. The loop may become a bit worn after a while, but this is a trade off when considering that it is a small piece of fabric over the large toe of the shoe.
  • Soft padding on the inside provide for a comfortable yet structural place for your foot to inhabit and the rounded toe gives your tows room to move without feeling boxed in. You may need to purchase additional inserts for the shoes as they tend to wear out over time. However, this is common in slip on work boots.
  • Multi-shock technology absorbs the stress on the arches of the foot to maximize comfort. This comes in particularly useful to those which work in professions where standing on concrete, metal, as well as those which have a lot of step-ups and downs (such as truckers, and warehouse managers). Customers have stated that 12 to 16 hour shifts can be performed with little to no discomfort on the heels.

The Top Cons

  • Not very supportive for heavy use. This boot is best suited for medium to light wear.
  • The boot does not make any claims to be a steel toe boot, so those which require such will need to look elsewhere.
  • Leather fades and scuffs easily. Customers are encouraged to polish, clean, and condition the shoe regularly

Wolverine Men’s Raider Romeo Contour Welt Steel Toe Work Boot

If you are looking for the best slip on work boots, but also want to have a luxurious look then the Wolverine Men’s Raider Romeo Contour Welt Steel-Toe Work Boot will do the trick. The boot is lower cut than other standard brands, has that nice dark brown look mixed with the side fabrics to give it a nice aesthetic. The wolverine boot does not claim to be waterproof which is a major drawback for a work boot. However, the steel toe as well as the thick sole do well to compensate for this loss.

The Top Pros

  • The upper portion of the shoe is full-grain leather and the toe is not synthetic (as is a great deal of the competition). This adds to both the natural look as well as to the longevity of the product.
  • Contour welt allows for the boots to bend and flex while not losing the shape of the boot. It also allows for a lower break in time on the boots. Customers have stated that the flex is comparable to an athletic shoe.
  • Wide fitting to allow for those with less than ideal feet to fit and work comfortably. Not a narrow boot.
  • Lower cut boot allows plays to a more luxurious style than heavy rubber or cowboy style work boots.

The Top Cons

  • Boots tend to be sized larger than regular shoe sizes. Combined with the wide design of the shoe, you may end up swimming in it.
  • The steel-toe box may be a bit cramming for some people. The box has shown to be very uncomfortable on the foot which would also suggest that the interior lining on the boot is rather thin or that the steel box is not properly installed in the boot.
  • The shoe is rather heavy for such a small steel-toe boot. Those which are not used to working in steel-toes may find that the weight throws off their alignment and walking a bit.

A note about slip on work boots

The best slip on work boots are shipped from various locations in the world. This means that the sizing may be different than the US sizing standards. Check where your shoes are coming from and use the appropriate chart. When you receive your shoes, always check the stitching, glue, and inserts for any visible defects. Customers should note that most slip on work boots will require a level of breaking in. However, if you experience extreme discomfort or if you see blisters on your feet, you are encouraged to cease wearing the shoes.

Regardless of the level of luxury and design that you receive from your shoe, you should always have leather conditioners, cleaners, and perform routine maintenance on your slip on work boots. Keep in mind that some shoes warranties are voided if polishes are added. Check the specifics of your particular brand before applying anything to the leather.

Leather Products/Gadgets

Best Money Clip Wallet For Men

Money Clip wallets vary from the standardized wallet in that they are specifically designed to allow for a slimmer wallet by holding the person’s money on the exterior of the wallet. This can be accomplished with a leather clasp or with a metal clip. Here are the top ten money clip wallets for men that we found.

Gucci Microguccissima Leather Money Clip, Orange 308915

The Gucci Leather Money clip is designed with microguccissima leather. This means that the leit ather is embossed. There is no special leather to the money clip. Rather, Guicci has called their particular method of embossing microguccissima. Qualities of the Guicci Leather Money Clip includes a thick leather stained orange. According to customer reviews, the leather is very resilient to color fading and getting dirty. It would appear that the leather is coated rather thickly (which contributes to that shine).

​The clip mechanism on the Microguccissma money clip is logo embossed silver. And while the while this may be an attraction for luxury seeking holders, it should be noted that the silver content is rather low (as a 100% pure silver would be too pliable to hold money). The silver clip is located on the back of the wallet. Other design features include 2 card slots and one center pocket.

Top Pros

  • Durable leather which can last years with little to no maintenance
  • Gucci is a top luxury and fashion brand making the owner perceived as such
  • A unique embossing method sets the wallet apart from other “slick” designs

Top Cons

  • I am not sure how functional the sliver clip will be for large stacks of money
  • Only 2 card slots is rather limiting in today’s society where most people have a bank card and at least 2 credit cards plus ID.

This wallet is best suited for those which are familiar with Gucci and have the money to purchase the brand. You are definitely buying the brand and not the wallet in this case, as the features are quite standard to other less expensive competitive brands.

Trafalgar Men’s Cortina Triple Flip Clip Wallet

The Trafalgar Men’s Cortina Triple Flip Clip Wallet is a combination between the traditional slim wallet and a money clip. The money clip is equipped with the horizontal flip of a traditional money clip with 4 interior credit card slots. The flip over component is on the back and covers the metal money clip giving it the aesthetics of traditional billfold.

In terms of material and design, there is some question about whether or not the product is made from real leather. While the company is known for leather products, the clip is listed as being 100% Other fibers. This has resulted in some concluding that the Trafalgar Men’s Cortina Triple Flip Clip Wallet may have more synthetics than genuine leather.

Top Pros

  • Plenty of slots to accommodate most people’s existing cards and ID
  • Flip over design protects the money clip as well as provides a level of security by hiding one’s money
  • Dark brown and black dyes are compatible with most men’s wardrobes

Top Cons

  • Spot Clean Only
  • May not be Genuine Leather or it may be low quality leather
  • Flip tends to get aggravating and hinders access to money

This wallet is best suited as a mid-level gift or personal purchase. While it is not in the same market as the Gucci money clip, it is also not in the bargain bin of a mega superstore. Those looking to have a functional and decently priced money clip may find this option attractive.

Distil Union Wally Bifold – Slim Genuine Leather Wallet for Men with Money Clip

The reason that the Distil Union wallet is a pick for the best money clip wallet for men is not so much the clip aspect as the unique features of the wallet. The design of the Distil has a Wally Pull-Tab which allows the man to access his credit cards quite easily. Pulls are located on the exterior sides of the wallet, and while the function of the pulls make this slim wallet unique, the bright red colors may be a bit too much against the grey, black, or tan leather options.

In regards to the money clip, it is a turn tension adjuster clip. This means that you turn the money clip to adjust the tension. The location of the clip is a bit different than most money clips on the market. Instead of placing the money clip on the exterior of the wallet, the clip is located on the center seam of the wallet. As such, the physical clip is rather slim, giving the impression that it may not be as durable as the product claims. However, the ability to fold the wallet and keep the money on the interior of the wallet does add a bit of security to holding onto bills as well as helps to carry that traditional look and feel of a wallet.

Top Pros

  • Wally Pull-Tabs located on the sides of the Distil Union Wally Billfold make accessing cards quite convenient
  • Turn tension money clip can be adjusted for large stacks of money or for a single bill
  • Slim and light design makes it easy to carry the wallet in the front or side pocket

Top Cons

  • Card space stretches to the number of cards which you put within them. So, if you put in 3 cards, don’t expect one card to stay within the space. It will slide out.
  • Leather coating on the edges has shown to wear off after only a few months of use
  • Money Clip can tear into your cash if the tension is too high.
  • While the pully may be nice for a time, having to do so constantly can become tiresome.

This wallet is best suited for those which only have a few dollars to carry and want to have more of a novelty wallet than that of a luxury design wallet. The wallet does have a 1 year warranty and so there is a bit of a try before you dedicate yourself to this wallet incentive.

Palm West Men’s Minimalist Premium Leather Money Clip Wallet RFID Blocking

If you are looking for a wallet that showcases the design of the money clip but also adheres to the concept that you do not have to pay a ton to have a luxurious design, this may be for you. The Palm West brand is an established one and so there is a bit of the company’s trademark design within the design of the Money Clip. The design of the Palm West Men’s Minimalist Premium Leather Money Clip has 6 Cards in each slot. This makes it ideal for those which wish to have multiple cards.

The Palm West Minimalist Premium Leather Money clip is spring loaded and is especially designed to hold several bills. As with most spring loaded clips, there has been some complaints that the mechanism wears down after heavy use of the clip. However, for general use the wallet has shown an incredible durability lasting up to 10 years or more before needing replacement.

Aesthetically, the design has a sort of blue-jean stitching and feel to it. The contrast between the black leather and the light threading does a great deal in this regard. Additionally, the large brass logo on the front yields more to the button on a pair of jeans furthering the perception.

Top Pros

  • Can be used for both casual and formal attire
  • Durable leather which last for years. It is still advised that you add conditioner ever so often to keep it in prime condition.
  • Several slots to hold cards and other material without stretching the leather
  • The brass button gives it a casual look

Top Cons

  • Wallet has a problem holding more than 3 to 5 bills at a time
  • Clip requires you to remove all the money when you pay for a purchase
  • Some wallets have been sent without the stitching or with poor gluing at the seams. This is a red flag for the durability of the product. Check the seams and stitching carefully before use.
  • Several cases of empty boxes being shipped. This is a negative against the customer service and not so much against the design of the wallet. An empty box is useless. That being stated, in all cases where an empty box was shipped a replacement was immediately shipped to the customer.

This wallet is suitable for those looking to have a money clip which has minimal features. The money clip does have mixed reviews. Ensure that if you purchase this wallet that the product comes as described. Those who tend to carry 10 or more bills at a time may want to consider a clip with a higher tension.

Men’s Lambskin Leather Spring Money Clip Compact Billfold Front Pocket Wallet

There is a reason that this money clip is called a front pocket wallet. The lambskin is incredibly soft and luxurious and those which have this type of leather will want to show it off. On the downside, the leather is extremely soft and luxurious meaning it will scuff and rip easily if you attempt to put it in your back pocket like a standard wallet.

The money clip portion of the wallet is a spring loaded slim clip which clamps to the middle of unfolded bills. The tension can be adjusted by turning the spring of the clip. However, due to the thin nature of the metal, there is a tendency for the clip to dig into the cash. Furthermore, there is nothing holding he leather clip into the slot where the spring goes. The money clip can slide right out of the wallet.

Top Pros

  • Low priced product makes minor flaws in the design acceptable
  • Many slots for the money clip as well as a sturdy clip action
  • Soft Lambskin design

Top Cons

  • Clip is not secured to the leather lending to the clip falling out
  • Plastic ID slot has really thin edges making it possible to slide the ID between the leather and plastic instead of into the case.
  • Clip has a tendency to cut into bills, especially if you have a large stack of cash.

This wallet is best suited for those which are looking for a day-to-day wallet without having the thicker cowhide options which seem to dominate the market. There is a bit more maintenance with lambskin, but those which take the proper care of the product will have it for years. This wallet is not advised for those who prefer to carry their wallet in a side or back pocket.

Which wallet should you buy?

​When you are looking for the best wallet clip for a man, whether for yourself or someone else, you need to pair the functionality with the design. Wallets should be durable but they should also make a statement to the personality of the person carrying it. Of course, cost will be a consideration, and so a person should ensure that they are purchasing a quality wallet and not just paying for a brand name or for extra features which are not really needed. If you have questions about how to pick out the best leather money clip wallet, ask your local leather artisan for advice. Before buying, it is advised that you brush up on how to tell genuine leather from fake leather as well as how to look for quality leather products.

​The most important feature which should be considered when purchasing a leather money clip for a man is simple, does it hold money? If he clip does not hold money well then you need to seek a different wallet. Spring loaded wallets should be evaluated to see how durable the spring is. Magnetic clips should be tested to see how strong the magnet hold when multiple bills are added to the clip.

Leather Products/Gadgets

Best Glue For Leather Shoes

When crafting leather shoes, it is important that the design and the stitching are done properly. Gluing the leather is also essential to shoe design. And while the glue should not be your main focus, overlooking what type of glue you use can have negative effects on the overall professionalism of your craft If you choose a glue which does not have a strong adhesive, the seals will break and the shoe may fall apart. On the flip side, if you have a glue which dries and contracts too much it may pull the leather and work adversely to the stitching. Here are a few of the best glues for leather shoes.

Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue

This glue is intended for permanently bonding leather together and so it is a suitable choice when looking for the best glue for leather. Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue comes in a 4oz container and dries clear. It is not advised that this be used on large portions of the shoe, but rather on those touch up spaces and detail work. While the glue does come out of the tube thick and colored, it dries clear. There is a slight aroma when wet, but it dries clear and odorless.

Customers have stated that the bonding of the glue is not as strong as they anticipated. Leather artists are encouraged to use a clamp or a press when using this type of glue.

Top Pros

  • Needle point nose makes for easy flow of glue too hard to access spaces while the screw cap allows for the leather worker to pour and brush if needed.
  • Very inexpensive and sold in bulk as well as singular
  • Dries Clear and is odorless

Top Cons

  • Glue is dry clean only which may play against the method of cleaning for the leather being used. Check your leather first to establish that the glue you are using does not limit the cleaning or conditioning of the leather on the shoe.
  • Not strong enough to work on high abrasion surfaces, only good for detail work.
  • Leather must be clean of the contact may not hold

Best suited for those which have leather shoe designs with small stationary details which need to be glued and stitched. For many, this glue is considered a hobbyist glue and not on the same level as a professional grade glue. Leather working should with this glue should be coupled with nice stitching skills.

Shoe Goo

Rubber soles can come away from shoes overtime and cause the shoe to become useless and many shoes may have to be discarded, but Shoe Goo can save your shoes from the waste bin by repairing them to perfection. Typically heat and water are the main reasons why a sole will come off the leather of a shoe. Leather artisans are encouraged to dry and treat the leather for any repairs which may be needed, including leather conditioner and leather cleaner before applying glue.

Top Pros

  • Comes in 3.7 oz. tube, but is sold in multiples so you never have to worry about drying out.
  • Waterproof, so there is never a worry when using this product on any shoes you choose.
  • Very versatile product. Great for vinyl, leather, and rubber soled shoes.

Top Cons

  • Can be difficult to use due to the blunt tip of the applicator.
  • May not hold when applied to work boots.
  • Product is black and therefore it can be quite messy to apply.
  • The quantity of the glue tends to be a bit low for most projects.

This product works best when shoes are allowed to dry completely before wear. It is not intended for projects that require a quick fix. The glue must be allowed to sit or you run the risk of breaking the seal on the glue. For maximum performance clean the leather surface which is to have the glue applied prior to using.

Gear Aid Freesole Urethane Formula Shoe Repair

Even the highest quality made shoes can sometimes begin to show wear and tear. That is not the time to panic or even get rid of the shoe. The right type of glue can fix the problem with ease ,and Gear Aid Freesole Urethane Formula Shoe Repair is all the adhesive you will need for any shoe repair. When compared to other shoe repair products, this adhesive always seems to come out on top.

You should be careful when using this product to keep the glue off of your hands. The thinner nature of its composition make the glue a bit hard to control in some situations. Plan your project and use minimal amounts of glue at a time for best results.

Top Pros

  • Dries clear so therefore there is minimal mess involved in using the product.
  • Increases shock absorption and tread for maximum durability.
  • Great for use in all types of footwear whether you need to repair your boots, running shoes, or your favorite pair of leather shoes.

Top Cons

  • Cap can stick so to avoid this, make sure that the tip is completely clean before applying the lid back to the product.
  • Adhesive can get stuck to hands and is difficult to remove. Gloves are recommended when applying the product.
  • This product will adhere to just about any surface so make sure that you repair shoes on a surface that you do not mind the glue getting on or put down a barrier to prevent any unwanted glue from getting on the surface.

Gear Aid Freesole Urethane Formula Shoe Repair comes in a 1oz tube that is convenient to use multiple times when properly cleaned and stored after each use. Realistically, you will probably need to purchase a few tubes of glue. In most situations this would be a back up glue or an emergency glue due to the small tube.

Gorilla Original Gorilla Glue

If you want to be assured that your shoes will hold when they are repaired, the most trusted source is Gorilla Glue. Original Gorilla glue is the perfect adhesive for a strong, durable hold for all types of shoes. Best of all, this product is good for a variety of repairs to damaged leather. Gorilla Glue has long been used by professionals in a variety of different fields for a secure hold on securing different types of items. This product is sure to give you the hold you desire, without the mess and strong odor of some other glues on the market today.

The downside to using gorilla glue is that if there is not enough space given for the glue to expand, it can break the seal. As the glue will probably be dried by this time, it does make for a frustrating re-gluing process requiring stripping the glue and possibly sanding the leather.

Top Pros

  • Gorilla Glue has been reviewed many people throughout the world and therefore it has a strong reputation of excellence instead of just empty claims as some of the newer products have.
  • Unlike other glues on the market that seem to faint at the sight of water, Gorilla Glue is completely waterproof, so your favorite dancing shoes or even your work boots will be able to last for years to come.
  • The applicator on the 4oz. container of Gorilla Glue has a pointed tip for easy application and getting into tight spaces. Even if your shoe soles are only slightly coming apart, the glue is able to not only get into the tight spaces, but provides a tight seal due to the natural expansion of the product. The product expands up to 3 times into every crack and crevice to ensure that the bond is strong for an ongoing hold.

Top Cons

  • If the bottle is not sealed properly, the product can dry out within a few days. To ensure that the product stays liquid, tighten cap completely and store upright in an environment that does not exceed or go below the recommended storage temperatures.
  • The cap of the bottle can sometimes stick making it hard to get off from a previous use. The solution is simple and the issue can be avoided if you ensure that all glue residue is removed from the cap before putting it away after use.
  • Gorilla Glue is thinner than some other glues on the market and therefore some previous customers have expressed that it can drip onto other surfaces. The glue should be used on surfaces with a protective layer to ensure no unwanted damage occurs. It is also recommended that the user slowly apply the product to avoid any drips or unwanted buildup on the shoes.

Gorilla Glue is a product that has a great reputation for excellence. The expansion of the product ensures that the seal holds tightly and the glue does not dry with a dark color, so it can be used on a variety of different shoes. The ease of application and the durability of the product makes Gorilla Glue the only glue needed for repairing shoe. In addition to being a leather glue, gorilla glue can be used on any maintenance task around the home.

Barge All Purpose Cement

Offered in a tube, the all purpose glue adheres to leather, rubber, and vinyl. It is a professional grade product suitable for holding the soles on shoes as well as binding together leather to leather. The glue has a very potent aroma and so those using the it are advised to have plenty of ventilation. There is no odor after it dries. Those which require a great deal of glue may want to use the 32 oz opion offered by the same company. However, for binding the leather on shoes, the tube should be good enough for most jobs.

Top Pros

  • Highly professional grade formula seals leather to leather permanently. The glue dries without the need for a clap on the pieces.
  • Quick to dry depending upon the amount which is applied to the leather shoe
  • Established in the industry for over 30 years with positive feedback

Top Cons

  • Glue may dry a bit too quickly for some people to work with it successfully
  • Very strong aromas. You will need to ventilate the area.
  • If you ever have glue dry on the lid of the tube, it is pretty much useless. As the glue is rather messy regardless of the needle point nose, it is essential to clean the tip after every use.

This is the best glue for leather shoe artisans who want to have a professional look and a firm bonding between the leather as well as the rubber soles of their shoes. Bard seems to be an industry standard for binding leather, whether that is on tennis shoes or on luxury hand crafted shoes. When working with BARD leather glue, keep the lid on the container when not in use and have some thinner nearby to handle any messes which may occur.

Still don’t know which to buy?

​The best way to find the proper glue for your project is to seek out the advice of a professional leather artist. The artist will be able to show you which glues he or she uses and explain to you the purpose of the glues being used. Consideration should be given to the volume of glue that is required for the project being worked upon. If you are doing extensive gluing, buy multiple tubes or upgrade to a pint or quart container. Just make sure you keep the brushes clean if you do. When purchasing any non-odorless substance, it is always best to check your workspace for ventilation. Keep windows and a fan running to avoid poisoning yourself.

​Glues typically run around $5 a tube with the option to purchase in bulk. If purchasing in bulk it is strongly advised that you store the glue in a dedicated workroom or storage area with plenty of ventilation. Avoid storing your glues above your tools. If the tube gets punctured in any way, you do not want the glue dripping on and ruining your tools.