How To Recondition Leather
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How To Recondition Leather

Leather is one of the most luxurious materials used in making a variety of different products. People love the feel, the smell, and the durability that leather brings to products. Over time leather tends to lose its luster and some people will choose to discard the item, but there is no reason to be discouraged or lose your favorite clothing, accessory item, or even furniture. The leather can be reconditioned to be just as good a new. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

Clean the Leather

The first step in the reconditioning process is to clean the leather. Leather can dull overtime and the shine or the texture can become quite rough. Most of that comes from the leather being dirty. Leather cleaners are specialized solutions that clean the leather in a way that does not erode the quality. It is not recommended to use water simply because of its harmful effects on most types of leather. When you purchase a leather cleaner, make certain that you know which type of leather you need to recondition. There are differences and using the wrong type of cleaner will damage the material to the point where the reconditioning process will be ineffective.


​Before you go to the next part of the process, the leather has to dry. Whether you are reconditioning pair of boots, a leather sofa, or even a jacket, a clean dry surface is the way to ensure that the remainder of this process is most effective. Hang clothing and hand bags in a dry place away from the sun so as not to bleach the product. Some will try to dry the product faster by hanging it in the sun, but always remember that the best reconditioning regimen is one that is slow and methodical.

​Reconditioning Cream

You can purchase leather reconditioning cream from a variety of different places. Convenient stores as well as large scale retailers may have what you need, but if you truly care about the product you are reconditioning, just buying any leather reconditioning product simply will not do. Your leather product was purchased because you love the product and putting some generic reconditioning agent on it is not way to treat the product.

​Leather professionals understand that the type of leather is an important factor in which reconditioning product you choose. When you go to the average retailer for help with the leather reconditioning project, they are not going to be a professional in the process. They will simply show you a product that is general use for all types of leather and that can damage the product depending on what type of leather is being reconditioned. If it is your first time reconditioning the leather product, you want to do it the right way and trusting in a leather professional such as will ensure that you have the right reconditioning cream for the right type of leather.

​Apply the Cream

Leather conditioning cream is not something that is just sprayed on and left alone. It takes time and concern to do it the right way. First, choose a cloth that is right for the job. Using a washcloth or a paper towel will likely leave behind a considerable amount of dust and debris that can soak into the leather making it dull. The best cloth to use is either a cloth diaper or a cloth napkin. These types of cloth will allow you to leave a clean surface behind to make the leather product look perfectly refreshed.

​Apply a small amount of reconditioning cream to the cloth and slowly apply it to the product being reconditioned. You never want to use a lot of the reconditioning cream in one are due to the fact that you can cause the leather to appear uneven when the reconditioning process is complete. You will also want to use gloves while you using the cream to keep away from any adverse skin reactions.

​When applying the cream to the leather product, gently rub the leather with the cloth and massage the cream into the material. Using a circular motion can help to apply the product evenly and show a smoother finish, but if you leather product of has a specific grain, it is best to go along with that. Work in small areas until the entire product is covered with the conditioner.

​Dry Properly

​There are some people that will simply put the leather reconditioning cream on the product and put it away or use it right away. This is no way to ensure that the conditioning process is a success. The cream has to have ample time to dry properly. To dry the product correctly, hang it up in a cool place and away from the sun just like when you first cleaned it. The reconditioning cream needs to have time to set into the product, but once it is dry you are able to put the product away until it is needed or used again.

​How Often do You Recondition Leather?

​The leather reconditioning process can take up a lot of time, but luckily, it is not something that has to be done all the time. Reconditioning leather is recommended to be done once per year. This will allow for your leather products to maintain their shape and texture throughout the year and maximize the overall lifespan of the product. When leather is properly taken care of, the product can and will last for decades and therefore, your initial investment into the product will be quite minimal when compared to the overall lifespan of other products.

​Leather products are timeless and hold their value much better than many other materials on the market today. Trusting your leather product to a leather craftsman for purchase as well as advice on keeping the leather fresh will also enhance its usability and lifespan. We at Rainier Leather want your leather products to last for your entire life, so trust us for all your leather needs.

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