Choosing The Right Leather Sofa For Your Home
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Choosing The Right Leather Sofa For Your Home

When furnishing a house, it is essential that a person goes beyond just picking out what goes with the walls and the windows, and find furniture that transforms the space into a home, for there is a difference between having a house and having a home. A home is a space where one can relax, it is a refuge from the exterior world. That is why having furniture which adds to the comfort, relaxation, and tranquility of the home is so important. When picking out a leather sofa for your home there are a few considerations you should keep in mind. Here are a few.

The color

Color plays a very important role into a person’s moods and overall mental health. According to an article by Penn State entitled Do certain Colors Evoke Emotion, there are social as well as innate reactions to color. Therefore, the color of the sofa should be considered. A red leather sofa has a tendency to relate love and joy as well as leadership and courage. A blue leather sofa may relate a sense of health, faith, power, and knowledge. Typically, oranges and yellows should be avoided as these have a tendency to give off a sense of uncertainty and caution. Grey leather sofas, black leather sofas, and white leather sofas convey power, elegance, mystery, and cleanliness.

Of course, the color of the sofa is not the only indicator as to the emotional ambiance of a room. Pairing the sofa with the other décor is essential. You do not want to have the sofa as a focal point due to it clashing with the rest of the home.

Pairing the interior space

Picking your sofa should be a merger of the existing interior space and the new furniture. Keep in mind the color of the walls, the main curtains, the textures throughout the room, etc. If you have a room which is minimalistic focusing mainly on blacks and whites, then a gray leather sofa may be the best option for space. At the same time, if you wish to make the sofa a highlighted center point of the room you could choose a dark red leather sofa. Just ensure that the rest of the room has subtle hints of red so as not to overpower the space.


There are variations to the types of leather sofas which are available, primarily in the construction and the type of leather. As such, the use of the couch should be calculated. If the sofa is to be placed in a room with high traffic and use, such as an entertainment room or home theater, then the leather should be thicker to maximize the durability. Cowhide is preferable in this instance. Rooms which have minimal use or “soft” usage may wish to have a nubuck leather sofa. Buyers should understand that nubuck leather sofas do require a bit more cleaning and care than the standard leather sofa. However, the feel is a bit more luxurious and can tie a day room or parlor together quite nicely.

​Studs, brass, connectors, and legs

Consider the studs, metal, and other connector/supporting elements of the sofa before you buy. While the leather may be the perfect color, if the arms have excessive studs or antiquated stud nails that modern look which you are trying to obtain may not work. Additionally, you have to consider the durability of any arm embellishments. Wicker and latticework may have aesthetic demand in the market, but in terms of durability and functionality, it is weak. Homes with small children or pets should avoid buying a leather sofa with fragile detail work.

​Legs of the sofa should be of solid wood. There are some which will argue and state that as long as the core is solid that the exterior can be of a different material or have detail work on it. Yet, from my experience, I have found that (1) the legs are not really seen unless they are damaged and an eyesore, and (2) by having wicker or detail work on the legs (apart from perhaps carvings into the wood) a person is more apt to have damage to the lower portion of the sofa.

​Weight and size

​Like any piece of large furniture, the sofa’s weight should be a factor when choosing the best leather sofa for your home. Although the orange leather sofa may look appealing in your living room now, you may decide that you want to redecorate that room and move the sofa to the day room. If the sofa weighs a ton, then I can guarantee you that your attachment to the furniture will diminish. Also, ensure that the sofa clears your doors and hallways before purchase. It does no good to have a stunning couch which is too wide to fit into your interior space. This may sound a bit redundant, but I cannot count the number of times which I have had to jimmy furniture this way and that to help friends get a sofa into their apartments and homes.

​Cost calculations

When determining whether you wish to purchase a sofa for your home, take note of the costs. By this, I do not mean that you should pick one which is more expensive over another. Instead, I mean that you should calculate if the cost is worth it due to the craftsmanship. Is the leather durable? How have the seams been bound? Is the leather dyed throughout or just on the topmost layer of the design? Do the legs support the weight of the couch? What filler is used on the cushions and will that filler warp the leather over time? Such are the questions you should ask. Just because a business puts a large sticker on a sofa does not make it a quality product. On the same note, just because a price sticker is low does not indicate poor craftsmanship. It could just be that the store is trying to move some inventory.

​Consider cleaning and care

​Leather requires a level of cleaning and care. You will have to use leather cleaners and conditioners on the sofa from time to time to maintain that shine and a new look. Nubuck and other “luxury” leather options will require additional care and consideration. If you have little time to allocate to yourself and to the upkeep of the leather, choosing a low-maintenance option will be the best solution.

​Above all get a sofa that is comfortable

​Regardless of whether you choose a yellow leather sofa, blue leather sofa, black leather sofa, or neon pink leather sofa, it has to be comfortable for you. You will be sitting on it and enjoying the room. If it looks good but does not feel good, what is the point of having it? Get something which meets your style, is comfortable, affordable, and has a warranty. Should you have any questions about how to find the best leather soft for your home, ask your local leather artisan. Should you have questions about a specific make or brand of the sofa, do some online research. Almost every sofa will have reviews which list the pros and cons.

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