Best Shoes For Standing On Concrete All Day
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Best Shoes For Standing On Concrete All Day

If you work on your feet, then there is a high probability that you will be in contact with concrete during a portion of the day. Businesses, offices, and residential homes are being constructed using the concrete slab. And while this method of building does make for quicker construction, those which have to stand on concrete all day can experience back pain and other health problems if not equipped with the best shoes for working on concrete. Here are five pair we think are worth considering.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation Workplace Walking Shoe

When it comes to the working shoe, many institutions will require that you have something which is within the traditional color bracket. This means that you will need to have a black, white, or tan leather shoe. Black will be your best option in most cases. The ACIS Men’s Gel Foundation shoe is designed to reduce the impact and stress on the heel of the wearer while not appearing like a specialty product.

At first glance, it would appear that the ACIS is just a normal tennis shoe. The stitching as well as the connection of the sole to the leather is very much like that of other shoes. However, the design has DuoMax Support System, Dual-Density on the midsole with SpEVA, as well as memory foam at the color and the heel to make for a very comfortable work day.

Top Pros

  • The shoes are ready to wear comfortably right out of the box. There is no need to break in the leather. This says something to the method in which the shoe was made. A great many shoes are hardened too much requiring that the leather be flexed. The ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation Workplace Walking Shoe flexes as well as provides the heel support for standing on concrete all day.
  • It has been reported that those with back issues and those with blisters from working and walking on his or her feet all day have had the issue resolved when wearing the ASICS shoe. While this is no miracle shoe, it does have a consistency for showing that these issues are fixed in those that wear them.
  • The shoe allows for a various use. They are not specifically for working and can be used for walking, jogging, work, or for everyday use without feeling odd.

Top Cons

  • It is not known if this shoe is currently in production. As of this writing you will need to find the shoe from a warehouse and not from the manufacturer as they are unavailable.
  • Though the shoe offers a high level of comfort, they do not provide a slip resistant sole. Those who are standing on concrete all day which get slicked down may want to seek another option.
  • Glue has been known to separate from the sides of the leather.

Dunham Men’s Windsor Waterproof Oxford

Oxford shoes are known for their lace-up low heel design. Typically, the shoes have more of a formal aesthetic than the tennis shoe. The Dunham Men’s Windsor Waterproof Oxford is a shoe for those who stand on their feet all day. Like the common oxford, the design poses a level of luxury and formality. However, unlike the loafer or the slick polish oxford leather, the Dunham can be attributed to a cross-over between the tennis shoe and the standard Oxford.

Top Pros

  • The shoe design is wide and can accommodate those with unusually shaped feet. Additionally, the lace up design is ideal for those which have narrow feet to pull the leather to fit snugly. While this is nothing new in shoes, it is a pro to have a design which can work for most sizes and feet, not just the norms.
  • The inserts which are provided with the shoe provides comfort making this one of the best shoes for standing on concrete all day. For some added comfort you could add an additional insert (which has the effect of walking on a memory foam mattress), but such is not necessary.
  • Leather on the Dunham is water resistant. The brand claims that they are waterproof, but no leather is 100% such. The pair does last for quite a while before water has any effect. Sealing and maintaining them increases the durability of the waterproofing.

Top Cons

  • Dunham Men’s Windsor Waterproof Oxfords are a bit noisy. Customers have stated that “you can hear every step that you take”. This could be a bit problematic if you are looking for the best shoes for working on concrete, especially if you are indoors. No one want to be the squeaky wheel.
  • While the shoes are wide enough to accommodate most people’s foot, they tend to be a bit shorter than the actual size. Those who order may need to go up a size to ensure that they fit.
  • The dye of the shoe is not consistent with what is shown in the picture. It is not a slick brown but rather a darker brown leather.

Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

Working women tend to have issues when they try to find the best shoes for standing on concrete all day. The reason is that the market is primarily oriented to men’s boot and footwear. The Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe is a stylish option for the woman who stands on her feet all day.

Top Pros

  • Shoe is designed with slip resistant sole, allowing for working women to use the shoe on wet concrete surfaces. The thick rubber sole also provides additional cushioning and minimizes the shock/impact of stress on the ball of the foot.
  • The Sketches for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant shoe has been stated to remain comfortable for the average working shift of 8 to 12 hours without causing discomfort. It has been suggested that you add an insert, but women have also stated that the shoes are ready to wear out of the box.
  • Durability of the shoe is 6 months to a year with heavy use. For a working shoe this is pretty durable, especially considering the amount of traction and wear that a shoe undergoes when standing in shoes all day

Top Cons

  • Sizing of the shoe runs small so those who order the Sketcher for Work Women shoe will need to order up a size (for example if you are an 8 go with a 9) to maximize the chances of the shoe fitting.
  • Design of the shoe has been reported to cause the foot to be odorous after working. Even with clean socks and proper footcare, some women reported that their feet smelled awful after wearing the shoe for a shift.
  • Material on the shoes is not as flexible as some brands. There is a stiffness to the shoe, which is intended to add durability to the design.

Skechers USA Men’s Segment The Search Slip on Loafer

For those who do not need to have lace-up shoes for their profession, the Skechers USA Men’s Segment, The Search Slip on Loafer is one of the best shoes for standing on concrete all day. The shoe is imported leather with a casual loafer/slip-on design. Unlike the traditional loafer, however, the sole of the shoe is thick rubber, providing support from the strain and stress that walking on a hard surface, such as concrete causes.

Top Pros

  • The shoes provide a nice medium between the overly stiff and the overly soft shoe. There is enough stiffness to provide the support that is needed, but the flexibility of the shoe allows those who are working to do so without discomfort to the top or heel.
  • Customers have stated that they like the suede-like finish of the shoe, as it gives the Sketcher USA Men’s Segment The Search Slip on Loafer an aesthetic a bit more formal than the tennis shoe. The leather is matte, so those seeking the high polished look may want to look at another shoe.
  • High levels of cushioning are reported for this shoe. Compared to other brands, customers have stated that the feel is superior to that which is in the market. Additionally, the ability to wear the shoe out of the box without needing to add additional inserts, due to the built in cushioning is a plus.

Top Cons

  • It has been reported (with pictures) that the shoe comes detached from the sole after hard wear. Those which walk a great deal may find that the cost of the shoe to the durability is not worth the purchase.
  • The dye in the leather does not match with the color descriptions or pictures presented online. Dyes are darker than what is presented.

Alegria Women’s Emma

Stylish and luxurious, the shoe provides a solution to those which require a shoe that has a sophisticated look but also provides the functional needs for those who stand on their feet all day. The Emma has a raised heel, but not so much as to be considered a high heeled shoe. Consider the Alegria Women’s Emma as being a cross between a loafer and heeled shoe. It is a slip on.

Top Pros

  • Customers have reported that the style is very modern and that the comfort is not dissipated by the aesthetic focus of the shoe. Additionally, the slick leather design allows for polishing and care of the shoe, whereas other shoes which have the plush leather/cotton and leather combination, may not allow for such care.
  • The support of the shoe reduces the likelihood of the heel slipping forward due to the angle of the shoe. The heel of the shoe is elevated, but not to a degree where it would cause unnecessary stress on the forward bridge or base of the front of the foot.
  • Customers have stated that the shoes are rather versatile allowing them to work in the Alegria Women’s Emma as well as use the shoes for formal and everyday events. Durability of the shoes has also been noted by those who use the shoes for all functions as being superb.

Top Cons

  • Some shoes squeak. The squeak can be fixed by putting felt between the insert and the shoe. Additionally, a person could put another insert into the shoe to minimize the squeak.
  • Sizing of the shoe is not in US sizing. This requires you to know your international shoe size or to have a chart to get the sizing right, and even then, the sizing is a bit problematic as those who have been sized according to the Alegria sizing guide have found that the shoe is too small. It is recommended to go a size up.
  • There is a thinner amount of cushioning on the shoe which might not provide the amount of pampering to the foot that purchasers are used to. Be careful when wearing the shoe that your insole and socks do not cause your foot to rub against the leather.

What is the best shoe for you?

​Whenever you are working on a hard surface, your foot and thereby your body is impacted. While the shoes listed above are intended to reduce the stress and strain that you feel from working on concrete, they cannot take away every effect that long hours on concrete will have. Consult a physician if you have back pain or foot problems. Should you need to obtain advice as to the best leather shoes for standing on concrete all day, ask your local leather artisan to help you in your decision.

​As most of the shoes which you purchase have the option of returns and guarantees, it is recommended that you pick the pair that provides you with the most comfort and fits the best.

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