Best Shoes For Standing All Day Women’s
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Best Shoes For Standing All Day Women’s

When it comes to women and shoes, the market is quite expansive. However, picking a style and a shoe which has both the aesthetic qualities and the functionality of support and comfort may be a bit harder to come by. While you could go with purchasing numerous pairs of shoes, those which work and wish to save money will find that these are the best shoes for standing all day women’s selection.

Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

If you stand on your feet all day, you want to have a shoe which gives you comfort. Typically, the work shoe has a wide and somewhat orthopedic look which is not fashionable for some professionals. Should you wish to have the classic “Sherly Temple” shoe with a modern twist, then the Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat may be the shoe for you.


  • Shoes are designed with a 1” platform and a 1.5” heel. The thickness of the design allows for a longevity to the shoe. Because the sole is rubber and not compressed fibers, those who stand on their feet all day, as well as those who walk a great deal, are less apt to wear them down than those which have a thinner sole stitched to the leather.
  • Many reviewers have stated that the cushioning in the shoe is appropriate for the working woman and that a 9-hour shift can be conducted in these shoes without discomfort to the sole, arch, or toes. There is a bit of slide on the heel, which women who step up a good bit during work should be aware of, but nothing which is a cause to be alarmed.
  • Easy to secure strap is ideal for those who do not have the time, or for those who do not wish to spend a great portion of the day tying her shoes.
  • The design is a break away from the standard work shoe, a bit more stylish for the working woman who does not want to have the cumbersome designs which tend to populate the market.


  • Velcro on the strap has a tendency to wear out quickly. The Velcro is not under the shoe’s warranty which means that you will either have to replace the shoe, or you would need to bring the shoes to a leather artisan and have them sew on some new Velcro (unless you have the right sewing machine and skills to sew leather).
  • Shoe size is shorter than the U.S. standard. Some have had a problem in properly calculating the size. As it is suggested to go a size larger than your current size, and that you have to convert the size to the Alegria Women’s Platform Flat Sizing, it can get rather frustrating when ordering.
  • High arches may rest awkwardly against the shoe, an insole or insert is advised to minimize pressure and discomfort.

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

The Mule shoe has the aesthetics of a slipper and the functionality of a work woman’s shoe. With various color formations as well as heavy stitching throughout, it is one of the best shoes for standing all day women’s modern style shoe available. Check to see if this style is suitable for your working environment as it is not a tennis shoe or a lace up.


  • The shoes are handmade which gives the impression, and has proven, to be of better quality than those which are just stamped out of a mass production line. Stitching is tight around the shoe and because they are handmade, where glue is applied it is done so with more consistency.
  • Shoes offer support without having the plush and cushion feel. Those which just want to have a shoe that supports the foot without the inserts and added foam may wish to consider this shoe.
  • Sleek leather design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is advised that you use the proper leather conditioners and shampoos on your shoes to minimize the risk of damage to the leather.


  • Shoes are handmade and so the sizing of the shoes can be off slightly, as you must take into account human error. That being stated, they are pretty spot on.
  • The company charges a huge fee for returns (restocking plus a 20% fee). Those which have contacted the company have stated that the service is below standard and that getting issues resolved with the company is difficult to say the least. If possible, find a store where you can try the shoes before committing to purchasing in order to avoid potential fees from returning the product (or look for guarantees on the product from the online provider).
  • Many customers have stated that the shoes do not fit regardless of how you do the sizing. Additionally, the foam in the shoe wears thin and the leather has a tendency to crack and break. Reviewers have stated that the overall concept of the handmade work shoe is good, but the execution of making a quality shoe, especially for the price they are listed for, is not so good.

Clarks Women’s Everlay Coda Flat

An affordable solution to the high ended women’s work shoe would be the Clarks Women’s Everlay Coda Flat. The Shoe is available in a gray as well as in the standard black, and provides a loafer style design as well as support for the woman who stands on her feet all day.


  • The thicker sole on the shoe has shown to increase the longevity of the work shoe.
  • The shoes’ design allows for the Clarks Women’s Everyday Coda Flat shoes to be worn with pants or with more formal attire. Those who have ordered the shoes have stated that there is no break in period needed, that they offer comfort straight from the box.
  • For women with narrow feet, the shoe’s design is ideal. The design is narrow across the arch and tends to run long. For those which have trouble in finding a shoe to hug their foot and provide comfort, this may be the solution.


  • Customers have complained that the shoes have a powdery look and texture. Once cleaned the hue of the shoe appears faded and customers have stated that there are issues in trying to restore the vibrancy.
  • Materials used on the shoe appear to be lower quality than what is advertised. Customers have stated that after minimal use the leather cracks and flakes. Additionally, some customers stated that the leather wrinkles at the toe (some have had this issues straight out of the box). Stiffening the leather may fix the issue.
  • While not proven, some customers have stated that portions of the shoe’s leather is synthetic and not real leather. The complaint is based upon portions of the shoe having weird aging and discoloration as well as performing as a synthetic may when combined with genuine leather.

Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On-Loafer

Clark’s shoes are notorious for being narrow, which may not be an issue if you are a woman seeking the best shoes for standing all day women’s narrow shoe selection. Keep in mind that the shoes are also lengthy. For the Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On-Loafer, women may find that the ease of fitting the shoe to the foot is ideal, especially if she is sized as long and narrow.


  • Clarks May Marigold provides support for the ball of the foot and alleviates discomfort for those who spend a greater portion of their day on hard surfaces. The design also targets the toes and the arch of the feet further relieving the stress on the foot, ankles, calves, and lower back.
  • Unlike other slip on shoes, this particular shoe has a consistency of being sized perfectly for the customer. There is no need for size conversions or up sizing or down sizing your shoe size. Simply order your standard size and slip them on.
  • Shock absorbent soles make it a good working shoe for those who work in convention centers, on tile, or on concrete.


  • Shoes tend to last for less than a year, even with minimal usage. Glue and stitching on the shoe as well as flaking of the leather has been reported on some shoes.
  • Inserts of the shoe cannot be removed. This is problematic as the shoe’s inserts are typically the first thing to wear out. It is recommended that before you wear the shoe that you purchase an additional insert to minimize the wear on the standard insert.
  • There are mixed reviews as to the narrow or wide design. Some state that the shoe is incredibly narrow, others have stated that even though they have a wide foot the shoe is wide. This makes it impossible to really gauge the make of the shoe and order appropriately.

Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker

The best shoes for standing all day women’s tennis shoe would have to be the Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker. Allowing for both the shoe to fluctuate for the wider foot, as well as proving laces (a standard for work place shoes), it is give comfort as well as dual function to the working shoe.


  • Shoes have proven to last for months in high traffic work environments. Waitresses, specifically, have noted that the shoe provides the protection and comfort needed for walking all day without the heaviness of a steel toe shoe (which this is not) or the awkwardness of the orthopedic working shoe. They are a bit wider than the standard tennis shoe, so purchasers should take such into consideration before ordering.
  • Affordable pricing makes it easier to purchase in bulk or to replace the shoes when they are worn out. They are a top brand, but the price does not reflect such.
  • There is enough padding in the shoe to allow for 9 to 12 hours of work. The shoe is not a medical shoe, and so there is not substantial padding, but for general use, it is sufficient.


  • Although Comfortable, the shoe is not well constructed and there are tears and rips which tend to occur in the first months of use. This is the give and take of having the lower pricing.
  • Some of the material is harder in places than in others. This change may be offsetting to certain individuals who wish to have a plush surface throughout. Check the tops of the shoe and toe to ensure that there is ample cushioning for your taste. Keep in mind that inserts will elevate the foot and may be misunderstood as tension. A thinner insole may fix this problem.

Considerations for when you are looking for the best shoe

Shoes which are designed from genuine leather tend to do better than those which are synthetic. Look for how the shoe rests upon the arch of the foot. When considering handmade leather shoes, it is best that you contact your local leather artisan to get an understanding of the pros and cons which may occur when purchasing hand made shoes.

Keep in mind that supportive shoes do not necessarily mean medical shoes. While the shoes do provide you with a level of comfort and support, they are not intended to cure foot aliments which may already be present. As one area of the body is effected by other areas, the proper support may help to minimize back pain and other pains, but there are no guarantees.

Finally, when sizing your shoes, check with the company on how they determine their sizing. This will help you to bypass the back and forth and confusion which may be caused in reviews from those who have uncommon shoe sizes.

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