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Best Slip On Work Boots For 2017

Best Slip on Work Boots

Traditionally, the slip on boot (pull on boot) has been associated with the cowboy boot, but this is not the case in modern fashion. The various designs, materials used, and the overall functionality have yielded a large selection of slip on leather work boots for various professions. Whether you are looking to work on a farm or wish to have a luxury shoe for your office profession, these best slip on work boots (best pull on work boots) can definitively fit the needs of your profession. Here are our top 5 picks.

Best Money Clip Wallet For Men In 2017

Best Money Clip Wallet For Men

Money Clip wallets vary from the standardized wallet in that they are specifically designed to allow for a slimmer wallet by holding the person’s money on the exterior of the wallet. This can be accomplished with a leather clasp or with a metal clip. Here are the top ten money clip wallets for men that we found

Best Glue For Leather Shoes

Best Glue for leather shoes

When crafting leather shoes, it is important that the design and the stitching are done properly. Gluing the leather is also essential to shoe design. And while the glue should not be your main focus, overlooking what type of glue you use can have negative effects on the overall professionalism of your craft If you choose a glue which does not have a strong adhesive, the seals will break and the shoe may fall apart. On the flip side, if you have a glue which dries and contracts too much it may pull the leather and work adversely to the stitching. Here are a few of the best glues for leather shoes.

Choosing The Best Leather Sofa For Your Life

Best leather sofa

With the closing of the year and the dawning of a new one upon us, many people are looking to bring a new look to their interior space, and this means new furnishings, or at least a new piece of furniture. New leather sofas are one way in which you can enhance and alter the home without having to buy a completely new interior decor. But with the vast selections available, which sofas are the best ones to seek out?

Genuine leather is the best option for durability and design, as cloth has a tendency to attract and keep stains, and faux leather just has too many issues with both manufacturing as well as durability. And while the ultimate decision of the best sofa comes down to a balance between style, color, cost, and comfort, we would like to offer you a few selections. Here are 5 of our top selections for 2017.

Best Value Leather Cleaners And Conditioners In Today’s Market

best leather cleaner and conditioner

Cleaning your leather products isn't a small thing, since care needs to be taken seriously so you can continue to enjoy your leather-made products for a long time. As such, many companies continue to offer a wide selection of their best leather cleaner & conditioner products.

A practically good understanding of the composition of the different types of conditioners, creams and polishes prior to application can prevent discoloration, staining, and stiffening of the leather over time. You don't have to be a leather care expert right away; sometimes it takes a few tries with different leather care products out there to get that desired effect on your leather goods.