DIY – How To Shrink Leather Gloves

How to Shrink Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are not a cheap accessory to deal with, and sometimes it’s only later when you find out that they’re a tad bit too small or too big for your hands. So what do you do to avoid unnecessary exchange trips back to the store? There's no one-size-fits-all principle for all these tips; and as long as these ideas work - why not, right?

We have scoured the net for the best tips and tricks to help ease out your leather glove worries. Plus, all of these tips on how to shrink leather gloves are doable (with some patience needed). Here's what we have rounded up and be sure to test each one first so you'll know which one works best for you:


The Hair Dryer Trick

Hair dryers give off the hottest air when placed in a specific setting, according to Leaf TV. To better prepare you with this trick, heat a small pot of water on a stove. When the water starts to boil, remove the pot from the heat and let it cool down for at least 5 minutes.

Place the leather gloves under the hot water until they're fully covered, then take these out and transfer unto a flat, solid counter or table. With a hair dryer plugged in safely, put it on the highest setting then carefully warm the gloves one-by-one until they are dry. You can now check if the gloves fit snugly; if not, try running them over again for another minute or two.

Once the gloves are already a comfortable fit, leather the gloves with a small amount of good quality leather conditioner or mink oil. Using either of these products can lengthen the life of your leather gloves, aside from keeping it supple and waterproof. Best recommended: Fiebing's Golden Mink Oil Leather Preserver.

Fiebing's Golden Mink Oil Leather Preserver

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A Little Alcohol Should Do It

Another quick fix on how to shrink leather gloves is using equal portions of a rubbing alcohol and water mixture. Mix together 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol, plus 2 drops of regular liquid dish-washing soap, in a spray bottle. Next, spray in and out the gloves then wear them till they dry.

rubbing alcohol

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Note: It can also be done without donning the leather gloves on, or it may feel a little soggy when already worn while still wet - either way, it works! Or, a conventional way to shrink leather gloves, as suggested by a forum threader, stated to wash them (like laundry) in a clothes washer. Still, YouTuber lthrglvsdc demonstrates ironing on them is also another quick way on how to shrink leather gloves:

Well, there you have it! We are curious to know which tip or trick did it best. Feel free to sound off your comments below, and we'd be glad to share it to everyone else.


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