How To Sew Leather By Hand? It Is Not Difficult To Learn

How To Sew Leather By Hand

Leather is an element that conveys grandness and poshness like no other. It incorporates a lot of things that makes each person be wary of its grandness and beauty. However, to make leather and form elements from leather are not easy. For others, some are wondering in whether it is difficult or easy and know or not.

Regardless of the type of leather and its thickness, some would wager the hardships just to sew leather by the hand and experience the thrills of accomplishing one stunning task. Also, with the step the step procedures that we can offer, you will also learn the perks of sewing this exquisite piece of material and attain a milestone for your life.


We know that sewing leather might be difficult without the proper guidelines to assist you along the way. Take a breather with us since you are not alone in your endeavor to attain this feat. You can use some of our tips and guides to help you achieve your goal.

Before learning the whole process and concepts, these are some things that you might need to have before engaging directly into the action mode. Besides experience the sense of gratifying yourself, the outcome would far outweigh the hurdles and the obstacles that you have endured. So make sure that you have what you need. You may need to prepare a few things. Before sewing the leather, you need to have these elements within your reach.

Things to need

1. Leather sewing needle or harness needle: This is one of the vital tools that you may need for the whole process. You also need to make sure that the need that you are using is strong. It should be more firm and reliable to withstand the hardness of the leather materials.

leather sewing needles

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2. Waxed thread: You can buy this thread in some stores or you can try to make one for yourself. If you decide to make one, all you need is beeswax and make your own-waxed thread.

Waxed thread

3. Prepare some scissors: It is important that you are able to have scissors at hand. Just like the needle, the scissors is your best friend as you learn how to sew leather by hand.

Leathercraft Scissors

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4. Use Art Knife: Even though you have the scissors in tow, you also need to have some art knife that you can use to crosscut some of the curved patterns and pieces. However, you need to make sure that you are always being careful and try to prevent problems or risking yourself.

Art Knife

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5. Overstitch Wheel: You need some stitching wheel if you want to sew your own piece of material made from leather.

 Overstitch Wheel

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6. Sewing Awl: You need some this material as well if you want to prevent being delayed in doing the sewing process because this is also one of the needed tools as you sew.

Sewing Awl

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7. Stitching Groover: This is a tool can help you creating a slotted straight on edge leather, this makes your seam more straight and stitches sinking into the groove.

Stitching Groover

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8. Stitching Pony: This tool is optional if you are not able to obtain the process of that is often done in a regular stitching horse.

Stitching Pony

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Now that you have all of those elements, these can help you in making sure that you have what you need to get right in a task. Before we delved into the steps and procedures, you need to be aware that there are different types of leather and it might affect your outcomes so you need to be aware of the difference between top grain leather, full grain leather and even bonded leather.

As you get settled with the differences and types of leather as well as the needed tools and equipment to begin the process, you also need to know that leather is an exquisite material and being careful is among the elements of surprise.

Step by step process

1. Prepare the thread: The first thing that you need to do is to prepare the thread because it is one of the basic steps that you must do first.

2. Prepare the leather for sewing: Since the process is a bit complexed, you can take two pieces of scrap leather and practice hand sewing with it. Once you are familiar with the steps and process, you can then move forward to the next step.

Prepare the leather for sewing

3. Hold the leather together. You can do that by using any gluing material such as rubber cement. The reason why rubber cement is ideal is because it is light enough as a cohesive material.

using gluing material
Hold the leather together

4. Use the groover this time. You can use the groove in the leather along with the stitching groover. It allows you to have a clean straight line that you can stitch on as well as remove the amount of leather that could provide the trench wherein the stitches can sink into.

Using the groover

5. Spacing. With the groove that you formed, now you can use the Overstitch Wheel or Fine Diamond Chisel to mark the hole spacing. You can use the overstitch wheel and use Sewing Awl to create holes through the leather under the guidance of highonglue. But my advice for you is that this method will create choppy and uneven holes between the layers of the leather and make your seam ugly. To fix this problem, you should use the Fine Diamond Chisel then use a hammer to create holes spacing, this will make your seam very well and beautiful.


6. Begin sewing or stitching: With everything in place, you can now begin sewing using a whipstitch or a running stitch. Moreover, you can also use the running stitch first and then proceed with the whipstitch for the edges so that you can ensure that your product is durable and strong. Also, you need to keep the needles between your fingers.

Pierce strongly: You need to pierce the needle with an awl. Pull first needle through and then pierce another hole next to the former one with the awl and once again push the left needle through as you hold the second needle 2 behind it. Remember that the angle must be in its proper placement to prevent miscalculations and making mistakes in sewing.

Sewing Leather
Sewing Leather

Once you are done with sewing, you can then prepare and set up the seams because ironing it would not be a good idea at all. You can then place your items between two boards and let it be for some time, according to Craftsy.

Remember to push the first needle into the second hole from the back side and then you can place the right hand needle as well. You can then move right up so that your hands are able to hold the first needle. Follow the same process until everything is sewn.

Sewing Leather
Sewing Leather
Sewing Leather
Sewing Leather

7. Lock the stitch. Once you are done with the stitching, you can then lock the stitch and secure its place. You can also sew back a few stitches, pull the thread down and snug it, and then cut the thread flush as well.

Sewing Leather
Sewing Leather
Sewing Leather

These are just some of the steps that you might need as you learn the art of sewing leather by the hand.

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure that your leather is firmly in placed.
  • Use glue because it can help you as you sew the leather by the hand
  • Ensure that you are able to prepare the needed materials and have them in standby so that you are not wasting time and efforts as you work.
  • You can also opt to use a rubber cement if you want too.
  • Be aware of the spacing as you needle your way through with the leather.
  • Try to watch out this material from Youtube about how to sew leather by the hand to gain more information about the process.
  • Use leather cement: As you prepare the leather, you also need to use the rubber cement so that you can glue the leather pieces.
  • Use the gouging tool: You need to use the gouging tool so that you can channel the edges of the leather in both sides.
  • Determine the thickness: You need to determine the thickness and the distance of the gouge and the stitching channel. Also, moisten the gouged channels and run the overstitch all across the channel. Once that is done, you need to clamp the leather in the stitching horse to channel it.


Learning how to sew leather by hand is important and being aware of the different types of leather such as top grain leather, full grain leather and even bonded leather are vital so that you can fully get the task done in a manner that is exquisite and elegant.


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