Choosing The Best Leather Sofa For Your Life

Best leather sofa

With the closing of the year and the dawning of a new one upon us, many people are looking to bring a new look to their interior space, and this means new furnishings, or at least a new piece of furniture. New leather sofas are one way in which you can enhance and alter the home without having to buy a completely new interior decor. But with the vast selections available, which sofas are the best ones to seek out?

Genuine leather is the best option for durability and design, as cloth has a tendency to attract and keep stains, and faux leather just has too many issues with both manufacturing as well as durability. And while the ultimate decision of the best sofa comes down to a balance between style, color, cost, and comfort, we would like to offer you a few selections. Here are 5 of our top selections for 2017.


Princeton Burgundy Leather Sofa

The Princeton Burgundy Leather sofa has a classic tri tone design. This means that the leather sofa has three colors used in the design. Where the two tone design is common among sofa manufacturers, the tri-tone sofa is a rarity. Those seeking to have an accent sofa for their living room or sitting area will note that the legs are not overly dramatic, leaving the sofa to be the showpiece while at the same time allowing ample space for movement and cleaning. Princeton’s Burgundy Leather Sofa is an oversized sofa, and so consideration should be given to the door and hallway clearances to ensure that what you order can actually make it into your living space.

​Cushions on the tri-tone leather sofa are not removable or flappable, an attribute which some may find discouraging. However, leather cleaner and conditioner can keep the purchaser from the need to flip cushions (the primary reason many do so). Reviews of this product have stated that the color is more purple than brown. Delivery of the sofa has been an issue for the company as they do require you to be at the house when delivery is made.

Top Pros

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Comes as part of a three-piece set (loveseat and recliner with sofa)
  • Unique tri-tone leather adds interest to the aesthetics

Top Cons

  • Cushions do not come off of the sofa or flip
  • You have to have the sofa delivered and must be at home when it is delivered. While this is not an attribute of the sofa, it does lend to frustrations

This sofa is best suited for offices and dorm rooms where the luxury of the sofa (in terms of top dollar imported leather and materials) is not as important as the durability and the use of the sofa.

Hercules Imperial Series Leather Sofa by Flash Furniture

Available in black, brown/cherry, and white, the Hercules Imperial Series Leather Sofa is a solution to those seeking an affordable sofa with a minimalistic aesthetic. Compared to other sofas, the Hercules rests a bit higher off the ground, but the highly polished legs of the sofa help to minimize any awkwardness of this height. Additionally, the “one-piece” design of the cushions tends to lean on the modern and minimalist design. There is stitching on the interior of the sofa to mimic the placement of individualized seats. However, it is all one piece.

Cushion insulation is super soft foam fitting. This is both a positive and a negative. On the positive side of things, the fitting foam, generally, allows for more comfort as the foam “shifts” to the persons form. The downside to this is that over time the foam may become too familiar with the form and remain in that fitted position. For a leather sofa, this would result in deformations to the sitting area, and seeing as how the cushions do not come off, a replacement sofa would be needed.

​Dimensions of the sofa are 72.5 inches wide by 30 inches height.

Top Pros

  • Offered in three different colors
  • Lightweight at about 95 pounds
  • Solid piece design enables easy cleaning and maintenance

Top Cons

  • Leather defects and pores are numerous
  • No Cushions but rather one piece (which may be offsetting to some)

This sofa is ideal for offices, small houses, and for dormitories. Due to the solid design, it is not recommended for houses with small children and pets, as any damage done to the couch would incur fixes to the whole couch rather than a replacement of a cushion or such.

Bobkona Soft-Touch Reversible Bonded Leather Match 3 – Piece Sectional Sofa

The Bobkona sofa is a sectional 3 piece with a modern design. The back of the sofa is triangular and does not have the “full back” which standard sofas have. This means that the sofa has a more open aesthetic than other brands. In order to accommodate various configurations, the Bobkona Soft-Touch Reversible Bonded leather sofa has one detachable armrest. Depending upon which side of the sofa you sit and which setting you chose, this may be a bit frustrating. The design is built sturdy which some have stated may be a bit of a negative. Rather than yielding a social sitting place, the sturdiness of the couch tends to have a rugged feel.

Design wise, the Bobkona sofa is constructed out of webbing instead of springs. The cushions do have springs in them and so purchasers should be aware that even though the sofa may be marketed as webbing that springs are involved. Yet, even with the springs, customers have reported that the couch was able to withstand constant use up to 5 years after the purchase. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the sofa can increase the longevity of life even further depending upon use.

Top Pros

  • Sectional design enables the sofa to fit into most spaces. The sofa can be treated as one furnishing or as two separate pieces of furniture.
  • Removable pillows allow for coupling the sofa with personal touches and design.
  • Large cushions and high floor clearance lend to the modernistic design

Top Cons

  • The general consensus is that this is a good couch to sit on not to suggle on, primarily due to the triangular back support of the cushions and the lack of being able to “dig in” to the sofa.
  • Velcro on the back pillows pulls away from the cushions.

This sofa is best for those which are transitioning from college living to a more upscale furniture décor. As the cushions are somewhat temperamental and have a tendency to push up to the fabric, it is not recommended for families with small children who can jump upon them. Also, due to the sturdiness of the design, the sofa may be better suited to offices and other locations where persons are not expected to sit upon the sofa for long periods of time.

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa, Brown Bonded Leather

The Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa is made from bonded leather. Bonded leather, also known as reconstructed leather, is man-made upholstery. It is not genuine leather in the traditional sense of the term. The leather is a combination of shredded leather, paper backer, and polyurethane. However, for this couch the combination is an attribute. The Homelegance sofa is a recliner and so scrubbing of the feet on the surface of the leather as well as friction between the leather components (specifically where the leg rests meets the main component) is best minimized with the polyurethane coating.

Cushions on the Homelegance Double Reclining Sofas are overstuffed. The stuffing does have a tendency to press together over time, but such is easily fluffed back up. The design of the sofa does have a third middle seat which does not recline. This may limit the functionality of the sofa at times as well as provide an unusual aesthetic to the space when the sides are in the reclined positions.

Top Pros

  • Release level mechanism for gentle pull leg-rest release. This release is integrated into the design (as opposed to having the a lever or other such device).
  • Overstuffed arms and cushions allow for longer sitting times with minimal discomfort.
  • Seats can recline almost vertically

Top Cons

  • Sofa is much smaller than a standard size sofa
  • Back and side of the sofa must be installed as it is shipped unassembled

This sofa is best suited for those which want an alternative to a recliner. The sofa is smaller than the traditional couch and so it does well in office spaces as well as apartments which may have limited space allocated for furniture.

LexMod Empress Leather Sofa

Designed with a mixture of modernism as well as he classic tufted design, the LuxMod merges the classical with modern design. Deeply tufted buttons are dominant on the rather large back cushions and seating cushions while the boxier style armrests break away from the classical rounded arms. According to the company it is “the perfect air of nobility”. The leather upholstery is bonded leather. Legs on the LexMod Empress Leather Sofa are wooden with a black stain. In regards to the weight, the sofa is a bit heavy at 148 pounds.

Preferable to this couches attributes are the many color options available ranging from the modern and minimalistic design of black and whites to a more robust color of yellow or olive. Customers have stated that there is a bit of variation between the colors presented and what is actually received, and so it is encouraged that you have an understanding of how leathers are dyed (as well as the difference between monitor colors and physical colors) before you buy. Customers have stated that the couch is rather comfortable and easy to pair with existing furnishings.

Top Pros

  • Sofa has the tufted buttons of classic sofas making it easy to pair with older furnishings
  • The sofa is available in several different colors
  • Comes with plastic glides to prevent floor scratches

Top Cons

  • Shipping and receiving of the item has poor reviews
  • Mold has been reported on at least one of the sofas upon receiving

The sofa is best paired with modernistic furniture or with those who already have tufted furnishings. The sofa is 84.5” wide and so the sofa is best suited for larger areas such as living rooms rather than office spaces or small dwelling spaces.

Before you buy

​Before you purchase any sofa, it is critical that you ensure that the size and the style is suitable to your living space. Take into consideration the windows, the color, the use of the room and other factors before making your decision. It is also advised that reviews of the sofa, warranty information, as well as shipping and packaging of the sofa be clearly understood prior to any purchase. Sofas which are purchased from mass production locations do run the risk of having manufacturing defects. Those which can, are advised to seek a sofa from a local leather artisan or designer to minimize this risk.

​Dependent upon the type and style of leather you chose, care and maintenance for the leather will vary. You should consider the time as well as the treatment of such leather. For example, nubuck leather tends to require more maintenance than cowhide. If you have questions about how to clean your leather sofa, ask your local leather artisan.

​While the make and the reviews of a leather sofa are important, the bottom line is that your sofa must be comfortable and fit your/your family’s needs. Sit and try out the sofas, read the reviews, if you have questions ask.


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