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How do you tell real leather wallets from fake leather wallets?

Real leather wallets

How to ensure that you are getting quality leather and not a fake?

I recently visited a foreign country which had a marketplace which had an assortment of various goods. Now, I am not really one of those people who have an idealistic view that you can buy a $1000 watchfrom a flea market vendor for $20. And so my expectations being low, I waded through the merchants and eventually came across a vendor who looked somewhat reputable.

However, when he started his sale pitch with “these are not fake and will not turn your finger green” I knew that I had best move on. However, when he started hissale pitch with “these are not fake and will not turn your finger green” I knew that I had best move on.

The point is this, we generally have an indicator to tell us what is real and what is not. IKE or MIKE is not the same as NIKE. Yet, when it comes to spotting fake material such as leather, especially in a wallet, our gauges get a little off. Here are a few ways to quickly spot a fake leather wallet.

How To Clean A Leather Jacket Easy For Less

How To Clean A Leather Jacket Easy For Less

In the world of leather, there are many things to consider in making sure our leather items last longer. With utmost care and the use of appropriate leather care treatments and products, we would be sure to appreciate the given results over time.

Learning how to clean a leather jacket is an easy task with the right equipment and know-how. In order to achieve these with minimal effort, we need to know the following basic concepts before getting to work:

Best Value Leather Cleaners And Conditioners In Today’s Market

best leather cleaner and conditioner

Cleaning your leather products isn't a small thing, since care needs to be taken seriously so you can continue to enjoy your leather-made products for a long time. As such, many companies continue to offer a wide selection of their best leather cleaner & conditioner products.

A practically good understanding of the composition of the different types of conditioners, creams and polishes prior to application can prevent discoloration, staining, and stiffening of the leather over time. You don't have to be a leather care expert right away; sometimes it takes a few tries with different leather care products out there to get that desired effect on your leather goods.

Tips on How To Differentiate Aniline leather From Semi Aniline Leather

What is Aniline Leather

History tells us that leathercraft has been around for centuries, and is one of the oldest human interests. Taken from animal skins, leathers are known to provide clothing, tents, carpet, and other convenient things that satisfy the needs of humans.

Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, North American Indians had developed techniques to turn animal skins into leather goods, which produced footwear, belts, container for liquids, and even armors.