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Best Shoes For Standing All Day Women’s

When it comes to women and shoes, the market is quite expansive. However, picking a style and a shoe which has both the aesthetic qualities and the functionality of support and comfort may be a bit harder to come by. While you could go with purchasing numerous pairs of shoes, those which work and wish to save money will find that these are the best shoes for standing all day women’s selection.

Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

If you stand on your feet all day, you want to have a shoe which gives you comfort. Typically, the work shoe has a wide and somewhat orthopedic look which is not fashionable for some professionals. Should you wish to have the classic “Sherly Temple” shoe with a modern twist, then the Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat may be the shoe for you.


  • Shoes are designed with a 1” platform and a 1.5” heel. The thickness of the design allows for a longevity to the shoe. Because the sole is rubber and not compressed fibers, those who stand on their feet all day, as well as those who walk a great deal, are less apt to wear them down than those which have a thinner sole stitched to the leather.
  • Many reviewers have stated that the cushioning in the shoe is appropriate for the working woman and that a 9-hour shift can be conducted in these shoes without discomfort to the sole, arch, or toes. There is a bit of slide on the heel, which women who step up a good bit during work should be aware of, but nothing which is a cause to be alarmed.
  • Easy to secure strap is ideal for those who do not have the time, or for those who do not wish to spend a great portion of the day tying her shoes.
  • The design is a break away from the standard work shoe, a bit more stylish for the working woman who does not want to have the cumbersome designs which tend to populate the market.


  • Velcro on the strap has a tendency to wear out quickly. The Velcro is not under the shoe’s warranty which means that you will either have to replace the shoe, or you would need to bring the shoes to a leather artisan and have them sew on some new Velcro (unless you have the right sewing machine and skills to sew leather).
  • Shoe size is shorter than the U.S. standard. Some have had a problem in properly calculating the size. As it is suggested to go a size larger than your current size, and that you have to convert the size to the Alegria Women’s Platform Flat Sizing, it can get rather frustrating when ordering.
  • High arches may rest awkwardly against the shoe, an insole or insert is advised to minimize pressure and discomfort.

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

The Mule shoe has the aesthetics of a slipper and the functionality of a work woman’s shoe. With various color formations as well as heavy stitching throughout, it is one of the best shoes for standing all day women’s modern style shoe available. Check to see if this style is suitable for your working environment as it is not a tennis shoe or a lace up.


  • The shoes are handmade which gives the impression, and has proven, to be of better quality than those which are just stamped out of a mass production line. Stitching is tight around the shoe and because they are handmade, where glue is applied it is done so with more consistency.
  • Shoes offer support without having the plush and cushion feel. Those which just want to have a shoe that supports the foot without the inserts and added foam may wish to consider this shoe.
  • Sleek leather design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is advised that you use the proper leather conditioners and shampoos on your shoes to minimize the risk of damage to the leather.


  • Shoes are handmade and so the sizing of the shoes can be off slightly, as you must take into account human error. That being stated, they are pretty spot on.
  • The company charges a huge fee for returns (restocking plus a 20% fee). Those which have contacted the company have stated that the service is below standard and that getting issues resolved with the company is difficult to say the least. If possible, find a store where you can try the shoes before committing to purchasing in order to avoid potential fees from returning the product (or look for guarantees on the product from the online provider).
  • Many customers have stated that the shoes do not fit regardless of how you do the sizing. Additionally, the foam in the shoe wears thin and the leather has a tendency to crack and break. Reviewers have stated that the overall concept of the handmade work shoe is good, but the execution of making a quality shoe, especially for the price they are listed for, is not so good.

Clarks Women’s Everlay Coda Flat

An affordable solution to the high ended women’s work shoe would be the Clarks Women’s Everlay Coda Flat. The Shoe is available in a gray as well as in the standard black, and provides a loafer style design as well as support for the woman who stands on her feet all day.


  • The thicker sole on the shoe has shown to increase the longevity of the work shoe.
  • The shoes’ design allows for the Clarks Women’s Everyday Coda Flat shoes to be worn with pants or with more formal attire. Those who have ordered the shoes have stated that there is no break in period needed, that they offer comfort straight from the box.
  • For women with narrow feet, the shoe’s design is ideal. The design is narrow across the arch and tends to run long. For those which have trouble in finding a shoe to hug their foot and provide comfort, this may be the solution.


  • Customers have complained that the shoes have a powdery look and texture. Once cleaned the hue of the shoe appears faded and customers have stated that there are issues in trying to restore the vibrancy.
  • Materials used on the shoe appear to be lower quality than what is advertised. Customers have stated that after minimal use the leather cracks and flakes. Additionally, some customers stated that the leather wrinkles at the toe (some have had this issues straight out of the box). Stiffening the leather may fix the issue.
  • While not proven, some customers have stated that portions of the shoe’s leather is synthetic and not real leather. The complaint is based upon portions of the shoe having weird aging and discoloration as well as performing as a synthetic may when combined with genuine leather.

Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On-Loafer

Clark’s shoes are notorious for being narrow, which may not be an issue if you are a woman seeking the best shoes for standing all day women’s narrow shoe selection. Keep in mind that the shoes are also lengthy. For the Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On-Loafer, women may find that the ease of fitting the shoe to the foot is ideal, especially if she is sized as long and narrow.


  • Clarks May Marigold provides support for the ball of the foot and alleviates discomfort for those who spend a greater portion of their day on hard surfaces. The design also targets the toes and the arch of the feet further relieving the stress on the foot, ankles, calves, and lower back.
  • Unlike other slip on shoes, this particular shoe has a consistency of being sized perfectly for the customer. There is no need for size conversions or up sizing or down sizing your shoe size. Simply order your standard size and slip them on.
  • Shock absorbent soles make it a good working shoe for those who work in convention centers, on tile, or on concrete.


  • Shoes tend to last for less than a year, even with minimal usage. Glue and stitching on the shoe as well as flaking of the leather has been reported on some shoes.
  • Inserts of the shoe cannot be removed. This is problematic as the shoe’s inserts are typically the first thing to wear out. It is recommended that before you wear the shoe that you purchase an additional insert to minimize the wear on the standard insert.
  • There are mixed reviews as to the narrow or wide design. Some state that the shoe is incredibly narrow, others have stated that even though they have a wide foot the shoe is wide. This makes it impossible to really gauge the make of the shoe and order appropriately.

Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker

The best shoes for standing all day women’s tennis shoe would have to be the Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker. Allowing for both the shoe to fluctuate for the wider foot, as well as proving laces (a standard for work place shoes), it is give comfort as well as dual function to the working shoe.


  • Shoes have proven to last for months in high traffic work environments. Waitresses, specifically, have noted that the shoe provides the protection and comfort needed for walking all day without the heaviness of a steel toe shoe (which this is not) or the awkwardness of the orthopedic working shoe. They are a bit wider than the standard tennis shoe, so purchasers should take such into consideration before ordering.
  • Affordable pricing makes it easier to purchase in bulk or to replace the shoes when they are worn out. They are a top brand, but the price does not reflect such.
  • There is enough padding in the shoe to allow for 9 to 12 hours of work. The shoe is not a medical shoe, and so there is not substantial padding, but for general use, it is sufficient.


  • Although Comfortable, the shoe is not well constructed and there are tears and rips which tend to occur in the first months of use. This is the give and take of having the lower pricing.
  • Some of the material is harder in places than in others. This change may be offsetting to certain individuals who wish to have a plush surface throughout. Check the tops of the shoe and toe to ensure that there is ample cushioning for your taste. Keep in mind that inserts will elevate the foot and may be misunderstood as tension. A thinner insole may fix this problem.

Considerations for when you are looking for the best shoe

Shoes which are designed from genuine leather tend to do better than those which are synthetic. Look for how the shoe rests upon the arch of the foot. When considering handmade leather shoes, it is best that you contact your local leather artisan to get an understanding of the pros and cons which may occur when purchasing hand made shoes.

Keep in mind that supportive shoes do not necessarily mean medical shoes. While the shoes do provide you with a level of comfort and support, they are not intended to cure foot aliments which may already be present. As one area of the body is effected by other areas, the proper support may help to minimize back pain and other pains, but there are no guarantees.

Finally, when sizing your shoes, check with the company on how they determine their sizing. This will help you to bypass the back and forth and confusion which may be caused in reviews from those who have uncommon shoe sizes.

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Best Shoes For Standing On Concrete All Day

If you work on your feet, then there is a high probability that you will be in contact with concrete during a portion of the day. Businesses, offices, and residential homes are being constructed using the concrete slab. And while this method of building does make for quicker construction, those which have to stand on concrete all day can experience back pain and other health problems if not equipped with the best shoes for working on concrete. Here are five pair we think are worth considering.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation Workplace Walking Shoe

When it comes to the working shoe, many institutions will require that you have something which is within the traditional color bracket. This means that you will need to have a black, white, or tan leather shoe. Black will be your best option in most cases. The ACIS Men’s Gel Foundation shoe is designed to reduce the impact and stress on the heel of the wearer while not appearing like a specialty product.

At first glance, it would appear that the ACIS is just a normal tennis shoe. The stitching as well as the connection of the sole to the leather is very much like that of other shoes. However, the design has DuoMax Support System, Dual-Density on the midsole with SpEVA, as well as memory foam at the color and the heel to make for a very comfortable work day.

Top Pros

  • The shoes are ready to wear comfortably right out of the box. There is no need to break in the leather. This says something to the method in which the shoe was made. A great many shoes are hardened too much requiring that the leather be flexed. The ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation Workplace Walking Shoe flexes as well as provides the heel support for standing on concrete all day.
  • It has been reported that those with back issues and those with blisters from working and walking on his or her feet all day have had the issue resolved when wearing the ASICS shoe. While this is no miracle shoe, it does have a consistency for showing that these issues are fixed in those that wear them.
  • The shoe allows for a various use. They are not specifically for working and can be used for walking, jogging, work, or for everyday use without feeling odd.

Top Cons

  • It is not known if this shoe is currently in production. As of this writing you will need to find the shoe from a warehouse and not from the manufacturer as they are unavailable.
  • Though the shoe offers a high level of comfort, they do not provide a slip resistant sole. Those who are standing on concrete all day which get slicked down may want to seek another option.
  • Glue has been known to separate from the sides of the leather.

Dunham Men’s Windsor Waterproof Oxford

Oxford shoes are known for their lace-up low heel design. Typically, the shoes have more of a formal aesthetic than the tennis shoe. The Dunham Men’s Windsor Waterproof Oxford is a shoe for those who stand on their feet all day. Like the common oxford, the design poses a level of luxury and formality. However, unlike the loafer or the slick polish oxford leather, the Dunham can be attributed to a cross-over between the tennis shoe and the standard Oxford.

Top Pros

  • The shoe design is wide and can accommodate those with unusually shaped feet. Additionally, the lace up design is ideal for those which have narrow feet to pull the leather to fit snugly. While this is nothing new in shoes, it is a pro to have a design which can work for most sizes and feet, not just the norms.
  • The inserts which are provided with the shoe provides comfort making this one of the best shoes for standing on concrete all day. For some added comfort you could add an additional insert (which has the effect of walking on a memory foam mattress), but such is not necessary.
  • Leather on the Dunham is water resistant. The brand claims that they are waterproof, but no leather is 100% such. The pair does last for quite a while before water has any effect. Sealing and maintaining them increases the durability of the waterproofing.

Top Cons

  • Dunham Men’s Windsor Waterproof Oxfords are a bit noisy. Customers have stated that “you can hear every step that you take”. This could be a bit problematic if you are looking for the best shoes for working on concrete, especially if you are indoors. No one want to be the squeaky wheel.
  • While the shoes are wide enough to accommodate most people’s foot, they tend to be a bit shorter than the actual size. Those who order may need to go up a size to ensure that they fit.
  • The dye of the shoe is not consistent with what is shown in the picture. It is not a slick brown but rather a darker brown leather.

Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

Working women tend to have issues when they try to find the best shoes for standing on concrete all day. The reason is that the market is primarily oriented to men’s boot and footwear. The Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe is a stylish option for the woman who stands on her feet all day.

Top Pros

  • Shoe is designed with slip resistant sole, allowing for working women to use the shoe on wet concrete surfaces. The thick rubber sole also provides additional cushioning and minimizes the shock/impact of stress on the ball of the foot.
  • The Sketches for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant shoe has been stated to remain comfortable for the average working shift of 8 to 12 hours without causing discomfort. It has been suggested that you add an insert, but women have also stated that the shoes are ready to wear out of the box.
  • Durability of the shoe is 6 months to a year with heavy use. For a working shoe this is pretty durable, especially considering the amount of traction and wear that a shoe undergoes when standing in shoes all day

Top Cons

  • Sizing of the shoe runs small so those who order the Sketcher for Work Women shoe will need to order up a size (for example if you are an 8 go with a 9) to maximize the chances of the shoe fitting.
  • Design of the shoe has been reported to cause the foot to be odorous after working. Even with clean socks and proper footcare, some women reported that their feet smelled awful after wearing the shoe for a shift.
  • Material on the shoes is not as flexible as some brands. There is a stiffness to the shoe, which is intended to add durability to the design.

Skechers USA Men’s Segment The Search Slip on Loafer

For those who do not need to have lace-up shoes for their profession, the Skechers USA Men’s Segment, The Search Slip on Loafer is one of the best shoes for standing on concrete all day. The shoe is imported leather with a casual loafer/slip-on design. Unlike the traditional loafer, however, the sole of the shoe is thick rubber, providing support from the strain and stress that walking on a hard surface, such as concrete causes.

Top Pros

  • The shoes provide a nice medium between the overly stiff and the overly soft shoe. There is enough stiffness to provide the support that is needed, but the flexibility of the shoe allows those who are working to do so without discomfort to the top or heel.
  • Customers have stated that they like the suede-like finish of the shoe, as it gives the Sketcher USA Men’s Segment The Search Slip on Loafer an aesthetic a bit more formal than the tennis shoe. The leather is matte, so those seeking the high polished look may want to look at another shoe.
  • High levels of cushioning are reported for this shoe. Compared to other brands, customers have stated that the feel is superior to that which is in the market. Additionally, the ability to wear the shoe out of the box without needing to add additional inserts, due to the built in cushioning is a plus.

Top Cons

  • It has been reported (with pictures) that the shoe comes detached from the sole after hard wear. Those which walk a great deal may find that the cost of the shoe to the durability is not worth the purchase.
  • The dye in the leather does not match with the color descriptions or pictures presented online. Dyes are darker than what is presented.

Alegria Women’s Emma

Stylish and luxurious, the shoe provides a solution to those which require a shoe that has a sophisticated look but also provides the functional needs for those who stand on their feet all day. The Emma has a raised heel, but not so much as to be considered a high heeled shoe. Consider the Alegria Women’s Emma as being a cross between a loafer and heeled shoe. It is a slip on.

Top Pros

  • Customers have reported that the style is very modern and that the comfort is not dissipated by the aesthetic focus of the shoe. Additionally, the slick leather design allows for polishing and care of the shoe, whereas other shoes which have the plush leather/cotton and leather combination, may not allow for such care.
  • The support of the shoe reduces the likelihood of the heel slipping forward due to the angle of the shoe. The heel of the shoe is elevated, but not to a degree where it would cause unnecessary stress on the forward bridge or base of the front of the foot.
  • Customers have stated that the shoes are rather versatile allowing them to work in the Alegria Women’s Emma as well as use the shoes for formal and everyday events. Durability of the shoes has also been noted by those who use the shoes for all functions as being superb.

Top Cons

  • Some shoes squeak. The squeak can be fixed by putting felt between the insert and the shoe. Additionally, a person could put another insert into the shoe to minimize the squeak.
  • Sizing of the shoe is not in US sizing. This requires you to know your international shoe size or to have a chart to get the sizing right, and even then, the sizing is a bit problematic as those who have been sized according to the Alegria sizing guide have found that the shoe is too small. It is recommended to go a size up.
  • There is a thinner amount of cushioning on the shoe which might not provide the amount of pampering to the foot that purchasers are used to. Be careful when wearing the shoe that your insole and socks do not cause your foot to rub against the leather.

What is the best shoe for you?

​Whenever you are working on a hard surface, your foot and thereby your body is impacted. While the shoes listed above are intended to reduce the stress and strain that you feel from working on concrete, they cannot take away every effect that long hours on concrete will have. Consult a physician if you have back pain or foot problems. Should you need to obtain advice as to the best leather shoes for standing on concrete all day, ask your local leather artisan to help you in your decision.

​As most of the shoes which you purchase have the option of returns and guarantees, it is recommended that you pick the pair that provides you with the most comfort and fits the best.

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Best Shoes For Standing All Day Men’s

There are so many products to choose from when it comes to buying the best shoes for standing all day men’s. When looking for work shoes, it is inevitable that you would want to get the best product that offers comfort and durability. On top of that, the shoes must be reasonable in terms of the price and value. That being said, here are 4 of the best products and its brands to help you decide before buying the best shoes that you truly deserved.

Skechers For Work 76995 Synergy-flex Gripper Steel Toe Work Shoe

Skechers is known as one of the award-winning global leader for producing footwear that appeals to trend-savvy men. The company’s growth stems from it’s high quality, affordable and diverse product line. This type of shoe is designed to work in a harsh environment. The Synergy work pair developed by Skechers provides many features that offers an enhanced stability, more comfort, durability and even safety. Here are some of the things that you can learn.

​The product offers a smooth feel that is ideal to wear all day. It has a traditional lace up system that provides a good fit. It has a padded collar and a cushioned textile insole for additional support. Also, the low-profile midsole renders an excellent shock absorption. It has a slip resistant feature, rubber soles, and lightweight. The footwear was made with durable, ultra-lightweight toe and high-grade materials for superior strength, protection and comfort.

​The steel toe work shoes are meant to incorporate comfort and resilience for any users. The footwear was tested and was granted certificate to meet or exceed the ASTM standards as well as endure the impact and compression that might occur in the latter time.

​While working and standing all day, you can get to enjoy this Synergy flex gripper for unparalleled comfort and stellar style.


  • The Flexsole shock provides comfort. This is basically helpful for those that works all day.
  • It has a roomier design that offers more comfort and breathability
  • The product is durable for use for men that stands all day.
  • It features flex grooves to offer more flexible movement specially when working
  • Provides stability for the users.
  • It has a steel toe that offers a wide berth of movement and space.


  • The breathability is limited

Reebok – Men’s Work ‘N Cushion 2.0

The Reebok – Men’s Work ‘N Cushion 2.0 is known as one of the most highly acclaimed shoe brands sold in the market today. It is identical to its women version counterpart. It has many features that makes it one of a kind. The upper part provides a comfortable fit for those that are always working whole day.Since it is designed as a working shoe, it provides comfort and stability like no other. It also has a slip resistant feature as well. In terms of quality, the brand is pretty decent while offering a very affordable price.


  • It is ideal for working environments
  • It is not expensive and easy to buy
  • Has durable leather upper for additional protection
  • It keeps your feet protected


  • It has poor breathability
  • The style is too plain

Dansko Pro XP Clog

Even though the product is not known by most shoes enthusiasts, Dansko is a premium brand to opt for. Although it is still rising to the pedestal, the shoe brand company was able to develop various great shoes and the Pro XP Clog is Dansko’s flagship shoes and known as one of the best in the market today.

For the most part, this shoe features quality leather uppers which are known to last a long time. While working all day, you can be rest assured that your feet and its natural contours would be comfortable. These Danskos are considered as one of the best shoes for standing all day when you’re working long hours. The natural leather is also great because it gets comfortable when used on a daily basis.

It also features a PVC inner frame that provides stability for your. With its stapled clog outsole, it makes the product slip resistant and it can protect you from slipping regardless of your working condition.

The product’s great safety features makes it one of a king. The excellent quality and how it was constructed provide great levels of comfort for you. It is a very solid choice that could assist you as you work all day. The Dansko Men’s Pro XP Clog is a great choice for you.


  • Durable with high end quality materials
  • Strong enough to weather the harsh working conditions
  • Comfortable to wear even if you are standing all day
  • Has slip resistant feature that makes it safe for use


  • A bit pricey for most buyers

Crocs Men’s Tummler Work Shoe

It appears that Crocs is not leaving the shoe industry behind. Crocs was added to the list of the best men’s shoes for standing all day. The Tummler is among the best choices in the market today owing to its features, specs and design. It is great casual loafer that keeps your feet perfectly comfortable as well as supported. Owing to its design, you will feel ease all day. It has 100% synthetic construction and the material is easy to clean as well.

It boasts of being slip resistant and it has high quality footbeds so slipping would not be a part of your worry. It is an excellent combination and with its lightweight cushioning, Crocs is the best product to opt for.


  • Durable and sturdy when used. It is a product that is built with resilience in mind.
  • Features a slip resistant for safety and additional comfort
  • Has a great design that gives the brand a more appealing look.


  • Needs more work with sizes


​Comfort and durability are among the features that you should look for when buying the working shoes. It does not have to expensive or cheap, but it needs to have the capacity to provide you comfort and ease while you work. Among the top four that I have mentioned, you can buy Skechers For Work 76995 Synergy-flex Gripper Steel Toe Work Shoe or the Crocs brand.

​These two brands have unparalleled features that you can get to enjoy. No matter what your style you prefer, a pair of most comfortable walking shoes for men should be a part of your closet. Make the right selection and get the best shoes for standing all day for men and preserve your feet and your health.

​These are just some of the things that you must ponder upon. Consider your specific needs and the type footwear that you preferred along with the shoe’s design, features, as well as value. I hope that this review is able to provide you some ideas to help you decide in buying the best shoes for standing all day mens. If you have used this product before, feel free to leave some comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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Tools For Making Holes In Leather

Working with leather requires the right materials and tools and the tools for making holes in leather comprises of so different gears to choose from. One of the major challenges when working with leather is the essence of the material itself. It requires careful work and demands the right equipment to protect the leather from being ruined or damaged.

​Another great thing about leather is its durability in comparison to the other products released in the market today. Some would ot for cheaper materials, but the problem lies in the durability and resilience of the product to overcome the challenge of tear and wear.

Before learning about the different tools designed to work well with leather, it is important to first understand some bits of details regarding this exquisite product because finding the right tools for making holes in leather is easier said than done.

Know about Leather

​It is material derived from the skin of a creature through the procedure of tanning and along the lines, different types of leather was released to the market. There are diverse sorts of leather dominating the market industry. It is being used in cars, in bags, in shoes and some are even handcrafted for clothing. Here are the most common leather types that you must know.

  • Full Grain: Full grain is essentially the type of leather that was not sanded and the blemishes of the leather are removed so that only the essential element remained.
  • Top Grain: The top grain is considered as one of the ideal leather for use. Most of the products are using this type of leather.

Things to consider before buying

​Before buying the needed tools to punch holes for your leather, you should check first if the product is reliable or not. Also check if the tool is able to deliver what you want.

1. Durability

​The item should be tough and must have the vital elements to give quality and flexibility when it makes holes for your materials made of leather.

​2. Affordable but of good quality

​Price is a dominant factor and it can propel you to buy something because of its set value. However, there are some tools that you can get for a good price and of good quality. Scout and check each tools in the market so that you can find the ideal gear to punch holes to your leather at an ideal price.

Product Reviews

1. Skilled Crafter Leather Compacter Professional

As far as solidness, this item is one of the tools that emerges with regards to punching openings for your leather. It highlights a delicate pad that offers a non-slip grasp. This tool is additionally perfect for tedious work and is considered as one of the best gears in the market. It likewise lessens hand or wrist strain. The materials utilized are steel and PVC.

Top Pros

  • Easy to utilize
  • Has a delicate grasp
  • Ideal cost value

Top Cons

  • Holes are not legitimately perfect

2. CoZroom Belt Hole Punch Plier Heavy Duty Leather Craft

The CoZroom Belt Hole Puncher is known for its toughness and versatility. A PVC plunged pad is added to provide more advance control as well as easy handle and the grasp. The tool also brags of a substantial material such as metal, particularly iron block. It can give punch sizes ranging from 2mm, 4mm or 4.5mm.

Top Pros

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Easy to utilize
  • Offers comfort

Top Cons

  • Should include more punch opening sizes

3. General Tools 72 Leather Hole Punch Tool

This device is perfect for those looking for comfort and ease. It is light and easy to use. The item could function admirably in making miniscule punch gaps.

Top Pros

  • The material is made of steel
  • Offers an assortment of punch sizes
  • Price is reasonable

Top Cons

  • Could sometimes malfunction
  • Not perfect for overwhelming work

4. SE 7909LP 9-Piece Hollow Leather Punch

One of the aces of the product in terms of features and specs is versatility. This product offers a wide array of features that you could use to make holes in your leather. The tool is sturdy and has a model plastic model case as well. It can work well with any types of leather and other materials such as vinyl, paper, and plastic.

Top Pros

  • Durable
  • Easy to utilize

Top Cons

  • The smallest punch size is not working properly


​When it comes finding the best devices or tools for making holes in leather , these are the components that you should consider. Likewise, every item is extraordinary in its own specific manner. It is imperative that you check first if the item fits your criteria and the output that you have in mind. Materials made of leather or the leather itself is a costly thing. However, its durable and the quality is good. It can also withstand wear and tear providing you an opportunity to save money and your resources.

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Best Sewing Machine For Leather

Finding the best sewing machine for leather is easier said than done. It is like finding a needle in a haystack if you don’t know where to search for and what to search for. Custom leather made products requires a lot of attention and details. It needs revamping from time to time, stitching, sewing and a whole lot more. It may be think and resistant, but it is a product that is hard to repair when the need arises. Most often times, the steps are difficult and the stitching pattern requires the use of machines for restoration. Despite the hurdles, there are some gears that are made to lessen the burden of taking care of your leather products.

Leather stitching machine and the basic things to know

A leather stitching machine must have the features that protects your leather and the materials with it. When stitching or choosing the right gear, always search for the device wherein the thread tension is always working and not malfunctioning.

The regular sewing machines will naturally attempt to adjust with a more tightly stitch feature and that may make the string break. At the end of the line, having the best machine for your leather will help you out and offer you an enormous advantage. During the process, sewing with leather likewise implies requiring new needles. The leather will impact the usability of your needle after some time and you’ll wind up either breaking the needle, sticking up your machine, or throwing it away. For safety, continuously change your needle before beginning your work and when you notice that something is off, you can change your needle once more.

​Moreover, besides that, users will notice that when sewing products using a synthetic thread rather than with a cotton thread, the outcome is not the same. Users can opt for the Nylon and rayon products. However, a polyester of upholstery weight is also viable. If your leather will not slide as you use the machine, a baby powder can get job done.

​Choose the best sewing machine for leather work

​Choosing the best sewing machine for leather work is not easily attained. Since there are a variety of leather sewing machines, getting the right one would require the user to research more and to find out more. To prove the latter, you can opt for the residential sewing machines or the industrial sewing machines and these are the types of sewing machines for your leather work.

The residential machines are usually all-in-one unit in nature. It allows the user to sew some simple leather ventures that are not complicated. These machines can basically handle and deal with a leather that is thick as 3/16”. Additionally, if you want to sew thicker leather materials, then the industrial leather sewing machine is the fit one. In terms of advantages in using the industrial gear, the user can enjoy the maximum stitch length that is high and ranges from 4-6mm to 8-10mm. Also, the stitching speeds reaches up to 2,500 per minute. Another strong feature is that the user won’t have to take a break to let the machine cool off because it has the ability to work longer than the residential ones.

​On a side note, these are some of the things to remember. If you want an industrial one, commitment is required, specially if the product does not come with an an automatic lubrication feature. For that, you will need to oil the components after using it and if you are not using it, you also need to oil it. The residential machines are only designed for light leather works, but if you need to work on a lot of thick leather products, it is better to use the industrial machine.

​How to Choose the best machine?

​The things to consider and the wide array of choices can often times affect our idea and decision. In line with that, finding the best machine to work with our leather needs can be taxing without the proper help and guide.

The first stop before buying the machine is to determine if your sewing need. You can opt to search for reviews and what the customers are saying about the product of your choosing. It will eliminate the products that you don’t want and the products that could suit your needs. The rationale of having reviews is that it can help you in sorting out the features and specs of the products and their models. Also, it can reduce your expectation of the product as well.

​Another thing to look for is the strength and durability of your leather. For the most part, the needle is a significant element in restoring your leather. It can either define the success of your work or ultimately destroy your leather. Even though most needles can work well with any sewing machine, some have a thin standard needle that will not bode well with the other products. You can search for a stitch adjustment so that you can get the full potential of your machine. For some products, it has a dial command found on lower end models while for the recent ones, a push-button feature is found. Another thing to remember is that some sewing machines may not work well with synthetic threads that is why you may need to use a vertical spool rather than a bobbin so that you can get the right outcome.

Different prices to opt for

​The prices of the sewing machines vary from one product to another. Some machines are priced between 250 dollars and up. If the workload is not heavy, you can use a standard sewing machine that is valued somewhere between $250 for an entry-level machine and it has a high quality instead. If the workload is somewhere in the middle, particularly if the leather products are a bit heavier, you need to have a machine that can handle the load and has heavy duty features. A setback however is added. The price value is set higher at 25 percent and even more. The average price usually falls around $500. For the top of the line products, it is usually priced somewhere between $1,500 and has a surcharge as well.

​Best leather sewing machine

Finding the best leather sewing machine in this time requires careful consideration and thought. With the variety of products, choosing the right one needs careful details. Given the fact that products made of leather never goes out of style. Faux, fur and even wool the other options that are easy to repair and mend, the leather is deemed as the product with quality and style. It never deteriorates, but the need to keep it in line is high. There are many products to choose from when finding the right machine. Here are some of them.

Product 1: Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

The product is known to be durable and able to counter any type of leather. It comes with a complete set of built-in stiches and a hard case.

Top Pros

  • Has a built in needle-threader that is readily available and easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Has a reverse stitcher lever that the user could utilize
  • Adjustments are available such as with the foot presser, and the snap-on presser

Top Cons

  • Stocks are not always available
  • A bit costly

Product 2: Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 BASIC Walking Foot Sewing Machine

The product is designed to work with heavy materials made of leather. The machine itself is crafted with hardness in mind. The gear offers a lot of specs and features that be used for stitching and mending leather.

Top Pros

  • Has a zigzag feature
  • Can sew four layers
  • Has a power plus balance wheel
  • Can work with denim, heavy canvass, and even upholstered fabrics
  • The presser foot is not small but rather it is extra wide
  • The guidebook is easy to follow
  • The product has a support system and a 2-year warranty
  • It is portable

Top Cons

  • A bit costly than the other brands
  • The tapes on the labels are not sturdy

Product 3: SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Extension Table, Bonus Accessories and Hard Cover

If you want to work with a machine that is up to date with the latest tech and innovation, this product is the right deal. The machine is computerized and it integrated the upgraded features of the sewing maching.

Top Pros

  • Innovative
  • High-tech gear
  • It is fully automatic
  • Boasts of 600 built-in stitches
  • Automatic cutter for the threader
  • Has an extension cable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to load
  • Has a digital information advisor
  • It eliminates guesswork from the user

Top Cons

  • Users that are not tech savvy has troubles using the device
  • Patterns are hard to understand
  • Replacement if it gets broken is long

Product 4: Consew 206RB-5 Triple Feed, Heavy Duty, Single Needle

The Consew is a triple feed and heavy duty machine that is made to work with a variety of leather products. It works great with leather, vinyl, upholstery, canvas synthetics, along with coated and laminated products.

Top Pros

  • Has an extra long stitch in comparison to the other products
  • The arm lubricator is centralized
  • The guide is easy to follow

Top Cons

  • The sewing is limited
  • Some features are not usable
  • Not ideal for new users

Product 5: Tacsew GC6-6 Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine

The TacSew GC6-6 Industrial Sewing machine is considered as one of the best choices to opt for. It does not really matter if you are not used to using industrial machines because this device is a friendly one. It is made with a very high quality walking foot machine and a reverse option feature. It can deliver 1600 SPM and it is not heavy.

Top Pros

  • Automated control system for the oil
  • There is no manual lubrication needed to make it work
  • Has a strong lock system

Top Cons

  • It needs to manually monitor the oil reservoir
  • Only ideal for sewing light to moderate materials

With the products scrutinized, finding the best sewing machine for leather still depends on the type and need of the user and buyer. For one, for the product, the Janome HD3000, even though it is a heavy duty machine that boasts of stunning features, it is best suited for beginners but not for the advanced users. The problem with leather is that if it has leather crafting and other styles, repairing it demands that for no mistakes.

If you stitch on the wrong area, the whole art of the material is completely destroyed. For those seeking for the best product, they are already aware that leather can even stick to the presser foot and it could be a taxing ordeal for anyone. This is precisely the reason why opting for a machine with a longer or wider stitch length option is vital. If the stitches are longer, then it is ideal for the leather because it will deliver a fiercer and more fastened seam. In addition, if you are repairing or fixing a faux leather product, applying the same steps and process as the general instructions is also applicable. Always test out the product with different materials.

Get the deal

​For most sewers, they would recommend the best sewing machine for leather that eliminates the hassle. Usually, users would vouch to hand-sew the leather projects so that potential errors are removed, but for those that have a Sailrite Heavy Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1, the scenario is change. This device can work through 10 layers of canvas and a whole lot more.

​For the beginners, finding the best deal is important but it is also important to consider the pros and cons of each machine. For one, the product must be portable and not heavy. Also, the price must be ideal and within an attainable range. If the value is too high, it affects the financial capacity of the buyer as well, particularly for those who are on a tight budget.

​Final Say

​The state of the matter, buyers must search for a machine is a fully powered, heavy duty industrial machine, or a standard sewing machine that is able to deliver what you need. The features and performance must par with its price and its value. If the machine is not fit for domestic use, then you can opt to get an industrial one. However, weighing each option is an important part before making a decision. Also, weighing the offerings of the makers can also help you in finding the best deal. For instance, if the product is computerized, comparing the specs and features can help in knowing the pros and cons of each device. In addition, the features may compromise the result if the machine is technologically advanced. In line with that, it is one of the reasons why determining the likes and dislikes of the buyers can help in getting the right product on board.

​A sewing machine is a part of the home that helps in restoring the things that you value in life. From your leather bags to your shoes, all of it can be restored, revamped and repaired with the help of the machine. Not taking things in a rush can be a helpful move so that regrets won’t follow you in the latter time. If you are searching for a machine that will address the tough tasks of your leather repairs, then finding an efficient machine is crucial for your need.

Even though the needs vary from simple and easy leather stitches to heavy duty repairs, the machine is an integral device that could get the job done. It must have the capacity to produce good stitches and it must have the basic features that are within reach. By taking a look at the features being offered, the buyer will understand why the machine is the ultimate one.

Lastly, never settle for a machine that is not within your league. Always assess your strengths and knowledge so that when you have the device, adjusting and using it will be smooth and error free. For one, there are machines that are hard to use, has no automatic control thread section or the bobbin is not designed for beginners. Even though the machine is sturdy, if the features are not crafted to cater to beginners, it would be a complete waste of time. Continually search for a machine that can do stitching, threading and even bobbin winding in a simplified manner. A machine that is accurate, precise, and able to deliver perfect stitches are among the things that you should look out for.


How To Choose The Right Leather Repair Kit

Repair kits have received a poor stereotype due to the massive number of products which are non-effective. Either the product does not contain the best components for the leather repair kit, or the user does not understand how to properly apply the contents to the leather. In both cases, the results are less than ideal. Here is how to choose the right repair kit.

Understand the material which will be repaired

The very first thing that you need to consider is the material which needs repair. Thicker leather such as cowhide, will need stronger glue and perhaps stitching. Additionally, thicker leathers tend to showcase patches rather loudly (meaning that if you have a leather jacket and you put a leather patch from your kit upon it you are very likely to see the patch against the leather). This has to do with the gauge of the leather. The thicker the leather in the kit, the more recognizable the fix. If the tear is near a seam, you may wish to avoid a repair kit and sew the leather by hand.

When choosing a kit, try to find leather which matches the material which will be repaired. This will ensure that the fix appears natural. You do not want to have a spot on a jacket, couch, or upholstery appear to be partly synthetic due to a mixing and matching of leathers.

Avoid the heat

Just like a person would be advised not to use heat on curing their leather, it is unadvised that you use heat on repairing your leather. It is more damaging to your leather than it is beneficial to the leather. The reason for this is that heat is unrepairable. If you perform the functions wrong, there is no coming back from that. Second, the leather becomes weaker as you are compromising the seams/tear of the leather which needs to be fixed. The result may be a quick fix but prolonged deterioration of the leather. Avoid heat application leather repair kits. Preferable are water based or air drying leather repair kits.

Does you kit mainly consist of polyvinyl acetate?

One of the key components to be aware of in your leather repair kit would be the adjoining agent offered. In many kits a polyvinyl is the main sealer. Primarily, one will find this type of sealer in water based repair kits. The problem with polyvinyl acetate (PVA for short) is that it has the same compounded ingredients as school glue. You might as well use a .99 cheap glue than to spend the extra money on a leather kit which offers this as the main solution. It cracks, flakes, and is not durable (just like school glue). It is far better to look for polyurethane based repair kits as they are more apt to hold the bond of the leather over a prolonged amount of time.

Choose a kit with quality colors

It may seem a bit rhetorical, but the color included in your leather repair kit should match the color of the leather on the product you are trying to repair. Close enough really does not cut it when you are repairing leather. Consider it in this way. Leather is the skin of an animal. To get close enough would be comparable to applying a spray tan to only your thumb or forearm and leaving the rest as is. Obviously, anyone looking would see the contrast. Such is the case when the colors of the repair kit do not match the leather. It is strongly advised that if you do not know the color of the leather that you need to get the advice from your local professional leather artisan. He or she will be able to tell you the combination of colors, or dyes needed to give your project a professional looking repair.

Buy the kit which best meets your project needs

Not all kits are created equal. There are kits which are for tears, burns, water damage, etc. To get the best results, look for kits which specialize in the repair that is needed. Miracle repair kits generally do not offer the best results as there is no miracle solution to repairing leather. For jobs where the leather has faded, it may be more expedient and yield better results to clean and recondition the leather than it would be to re-dye the leather. Keep in mind that anytime you do an additive fix (meaning that you are adding dye, chemicals, or glues) the leather becomes compromised.

Treat Nubuck and other specialty leathers as such

While most leather repair kits will fix about any type of leather, it should be noted that lambskin, nubuck, and other specialty leathers should be treated as such. The leather from such products typically have undergone special processes to get the look and feel you want. For example, Nubuck leather is sanded down. If repairing such leather, apply the patches or glues to the inner side of the tear. If the leather has been damaged by burns or discolored, first attempt to use a cleaner and a brush to restore recondition the leather rather than dying the leather.

Don’t know where to start? Get advice

Perhaps the greatest tip on how to choose the best leather repair kit would be to find someone who knows what he or she is talking about. Again, it is advisable that you ask a local artisan the best kit to use, or if you are uncomfortable in doing the repair have a professional mend and repair the leather. Should you not have a professional in your area, check the customer reviews of the product which you are considering purchasing. Look for before and after pictures, videos, and testimonials about the product. Be cautious, with digital software and image manipulation software, images can be adjusted to appear that the solution is ideal. Perform a small test on a scrap piece of leather if possible to avoid any chemical damages to your leather.

You get what you pay for

The bottom line is that when it comes to leather repair kits, you generally get what you pay for. If you get a cheap kit, then the contents will typically be cheap and produce cheap results. This is not to say that expensive brands are the best, but they do tend to have better solution options. As with any repair, read the instructions, ingredients, and ask questions before you attempt to use the product.

Leather Products/Gadgets

Know What To Select Best Leather Repair Kit

Leather furniture repair and other products made from leather tend to wear out over time. And while you could bring the product to a professional every time you have a fade, scratch, or small tear, you could find the Best leather repair kit for the job and attempt the fix.

Why should you use a leather repair kit?

Any leather product will require that a level of maintenance be performed upon it from time to time. Typically, leather will need to have leather cleaner and conditioner applied, undergo a level of leather restoration, and perhaps gluing and stitching on the leather, depending on the craftsmanship. Using the best leather repair kit allows the owner to perform simple restoration to the leather, avoiding excessive costs, moving large furniture, as well as provides a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you have accomplished something.

Using a leather repair kit is not difficult, but it does require time and attention to details. When repairing tears, you may need to provide additional contents (such as patches and patch glue) before using the product for best results. Tweezers, leather needles, and specialty tools are available at craft suppliers and online distributors, should you wish to obtain a professional look and not just a “patch” job. Remember, you typically get what you pay for.

What should you know about leather repair kits?

While there is a great deal of leather repair kits on the market, ranging in their prices and their contents, not every kit is beneficial for your leather. Some contain glues which are no better than school glue, others contain dyes which are 80% or more water. Take the time and find kits which offer quality dyes and glues.

When using dye based leather restoration/repair kits, it is critical that you test the area on a scrap piece of leather prior to doing any major application. This will minimize the risk of getting blotches and unsightly results due to a mismatching in color or a chemical reaction. If you do not have any scrap leather, perform the test on the underside leather (meaning you flip the couch upside down) of the furniture, as it is quite unlikely that you will have people peeping up from the floor to see the quality of the sofa or seat. Coats should test the leather on the interior base of the jacket.

Not every leather repair kit is intended to be used universally, meaning that a kit may be suitable for cowhide leather but would ruin suede or nubuck leather. Check the instructions and intent of the kit you wish to purchase. That being stated, also ensure that the leather that you are fixing does not have special sealants and coatings which would prevent you from using the product effectively. If you have any questions about a product, it is best to contact the distributor directly or to seek the professional advice from your local leather artisan.

Evaluate the problem before you buy

Before you jump into the purchase of a kit, it is imperative that you understand the damage done to the leather. Of course, tears are self-explanatory, but there are other damages which are not so clear. Does the leather appear dark? If so, then the leather may be damaged due to burning, water, or another additive. It is very unlikely that the dark leather blemish is the result of something being taken away. As such, you should first:

  • Try to soak up the stain or additive substance from the surface.
  • If the dark area is the result of a burn, try to condition and clean the area
  • Deep clean the leather as it could be the accumulation of dirt, oils, and grime
  • Make sure that the surface in which you are applying the fixes is dry before you perform any repairs. Additionally, fully read all the instructions as well as watch any supporting videos provided by the product maker to get the best results when using a leather repair kit.

Damage to leather which is light, such as fading, scuffs on the leather, or discoloration tends to be a subtractive problem. This means that the leather dyes (in most cases) have been removed from the surface. Typically, the problem arises from the leather being stored in direct sunlight, from contact with an abrasive surface, or from a chemical reaction from an outside solvent. In all instances, it is best to clean the surface, let the leather dry, and then use your repair kit to bring the leather back to life.

Keep in mind that DIY leather kits are intended for minimal repairs and fixes. Tears should not extend beyond one to three inches in length. Anything over that should be fixed by a local leather artisan or an upholstery professional. Discoloration, whether additive or subtractive, which covers more than 10% of the surface area, may require a total re-dye of the leather to ensure consistency and a fluid look to the leather.

Best use of leather repair kits

​Leather repair kits are intended for minimal to medium size repairs. They are also intended, primarily, for genuine leather products. Synthetic leathers may not adhere or dye as expected due to the fact that they are manufactured and unpredictable in their makeup/textures.

​Our top 5 picks

​Here are our top 5 picks for best leather repair kit options. These kits were chosen due to their ease of use, their customer reviews, and pricing. Please note that it is always the best practice to visit the manufacturer’s website to address any questions or concerns you may have with the product.

Number One: LeatherNU Complete Leather Color Restoration & Repair Kit

The LeatherNU Complete Leather Color Restoration & Repair Kit is intended for additive color repair. Included in the kit are 7 mixable dyes which, theoretically, provide you with the means of matching any existing leather color for a quick fix.

Top Pros

  • The glue compound dries clear and holds seams well.
  • Several texture leather papers are provided which allow for not only color matching but material blending on the repair.
  • There are several dyes which are provided which maximize the ability to get the right color for the restoration.
  • Enough materials are provided in the LeatherNu Complete Leather Color and Restoration kit to perform rather large repairs on leather furniture.

Top Cons

  • Enough materials are provided in the LeatherNu Complete Leather Color and Restoration kit to perform rather large repairs on leather furniture.
  • Dye treatment requires several applications, making the quick fix advertised rather lengthy in some instances.
  • Dye treatment requires several applications, making the quick fix advertised rather lengthy in some instances.
  • No mix containers or chart is provided, so while you may have 7 colors, if you do not know the exact formula, you could be mixing and remixing to get the right combination.

Number Two: Doctor Leather Repair Kit

The Doctor Leather repair kit is deemed by others as a complete kit with a lot of options and variety. It is basically a comprehensive kit that is made to provide pro users with ultimate satisfaction. It is not only for repairs but it is able to revamp the leather material and product as well. It can also repair and restore scratches and make it look brand new. It boasts of being professionally made, but easy to follow. Also, the makers provide an online help that buyers and users could use to voice out their queries and concern.

Top Pros

  • Offers a lot of options
  • No heat is needed when using the leather repair kit
  • Can be used to revamp couches, any type of car seats, sofas and even handbags of any sort
  • Provides more colors
  • Different styles and levels of repairing are added
  • Offers a lifetime warranty
  • Step by step instructions are provided
  • The marks disappear when the kit is applied

Top Cons

  • Stocks are not always available
  • Mixing colors takes a lot of time
  • Needs more time to dry so that it can hold the repair properly
  • The price is mid-range and affordable

Number Three: LeatherPlus

LeatherPlus repair kit advertises that it is a leather and vinyl repair and restoration kit for couches, car seats, sofas, jackets, purses, and boots. The application is intended to be fast drying with a no heat adhesive.

Top Pros

  • The kit comes with a matching guide. This greatly minimizes the guess work in dye combinations.
  • The product has a video link which provides a visual instruction for the best use. When combined with the detailed instructions, customers found the results to be spot on with their expectations.
  • Customers have stated that the owner of the company has addressed concerns and provided individualized suggestions for solutions using his product.

Top Cons

  • The kit seems to work best with punctures under an inch which is rather limiting.
  • The glue is not strong and does not bond tears easily
  • Dyes tend not to dry evenly resulting in weird discolorations when applied to surfaces over 1 inch in diameter.
  • Compound dries tacky requiring sanding which tends to reopen tears and punctures.

Number Four: Leather Repair Doctor

This 2-in-one (no mixing required) professional leather restoration & repair kit claims to allow you to match any color with no heat. As heat applicators tend to damage leathers, this is an incentive towards the Leather Repair Doctor kit.

Top Pros

  • The color matching is straightforward with ample amounts of dye in the pots to allow for remixing if needed
  • The product dries within 20 minutes
  • Liquid leather application is pliable. This allows for the damaged area not to receive progressive damage over time but rather flex and move as leather is intended to do.
  • No supporting tools are required to use the kit

Top Cons

  • Using the kit for discoloration repairs requires many layers. Most customers said more than 3 to 4 coats were needed.
  • The dyes are extensive but the black is limited. As most leathers have some hue of black this greatly reduces the “endless” hues advertised.
  • The product does not conceal tears well
  • Dyes tend to run like acrylic paint if not carefully watched while drying

Number Five: Leather Magic Leather Repair Kit

At first glance, you will see that the Leather Magic Leather Repair kit is not intended for large repairs. It is an additive repair kit for the smaller problematic areas of leather furniture repair. There are no harsh chemical used and no heat, and the process is simple. However, for surfaces which require more than just a touch-up, it is recommended that another option be chosen.

Top Pros

  • Repairs from the product have been reported to last for six years or more. Obviously, the glue compound is strong enough for the longevity of the product it is being applied to.
  • Detailed color mixing instructions are included minimizing the guess work.
  • The kit comes with sandpaper as well as backing material allowing for seamless repairs.
  • Bond and patching instructions are clear, but there is also a product video on youtube for further clarification.

Top Cons

  • Bond and patching instructions are clear, but there is also a product video on youtube for further clarification.
  • Several coats are needed to color match
  • The adhesive it a bit messy to work with and customers complained that they had to work with the compound before getting it to set properly.
  • Even though it repairs tears, the area which is fixed remains noticeable


​The best leather repair kit is only as good as the instructions and the dyes which it contains. Proper attention should be given to the mixing and application process. Keep in mind that when you repair leather, it is quite uncommon to get a perfect finish. Just as a scar on the skin can be faded to reduce it being seen on human skin, so does the leather repair kit minimize the area of damage. In cases where there is severe damage, peeling, tears, and such to the furniture, coat, belt, purse, etc. it is advised that you have a professional inspect the leather and give you options best suited for the fix.


Leather Car Seat Repair – Step by Step

A new car has that new leather smell which make them so attractive. Yet, over time the smell fades and the car becomes more about its functionality than it does about that original draw. It is not uncommon for automobiles to have tears and rips within the leather, even if the vehicle is relatively new. And while you may think that putting a piece of tape over the tear, a seat cover, or any number of “homemade” solutions is the best option, such is not the case. It is best to know how to conduct proper leather car seat repair. Here is a step by step guide on how to go about performing such repairs.

Step one: Evaluate the severity of the job

The first step which must be taken when you have a repair job is to realistically evaluate the severity of the job at hand. If you find that the tears are minor or that the leather is slightly discolored, then a reconditioning of the leather may be your best option or a leather repair kit may be the best solution. However, if you find that the tear is more than 3 inches in length, the best solution would be to take the vehicle to a specialist and have them repair the area. Areas which have severe discoloration should be taken to a professional leather artisan or upholstery service to be re-dyed and refurbished. While it may be idealistic to perform the leather car seat repair yourself, it may not be realistic. Know your boundaries and seek advice when needed.

Step two: Fixing minor discoloration on leather car seats

Determine if the stain is a stain or if the discoloration is the result of removal of color/dye from the sun, wear, or undesirable lighting conditions. For additive stains, you will want to try to remove as much of the stain as possible from the leather. The longer it sits the harder it will be to remove the stain. Once you have attempted to remove the stain, then you will need to use a leather restoration kit or a leather conditioner. Keep in mind that on additive stains you do not want to continue to build up the area with external components. If the stain is stain is set in the car seat, then the only real way to perform leather car seat repair would be to add dies and try to blend the area to match the rest of the seat.

Discoloration which is the result from lighting, the sun, or from wear can usually be refurbished through the use of leather conditioners and cleaners. Again, the longer that the discoloration sits, the harder it will be to bring out the natural look of the leather without using dyes. However, if a dye is to be used, apply a small amount and let the dye dry. It is best to use an aniline dye over a pigmented dye. Just keep in mind that some leather car seats have a clear coating which could hinder the dye from seeping into the pores. Check with your vehicle’s manufacturer to find out more about the particulars for the leather seating.

In both cases, you will want to let the conditioner, cleaners, and dyes fully dry and then buff the surface with a clean non-abrasive cloth.

​Step Three: Repairing Tears

Tears in leather are problematic to say the least. Once the tear has occurred, it is natural for the surface to want to pull further apart. When you repair your leather car seat, you will need to use a sealer/glue which is not primarily PVA but rather polyurethane based. PVA glues are similar to school glues in their chemical makeup. Using such on a vehicle’s seat may give a temporary fix, but the first time a person in blue jeans scrapes against that area, the seam is very likely to open up. In some instances, you can apply a patch to such areas. When doing so, place the patch on the underside of the seat leather (the interior) if possible. By doing this you remove the aesthetic eyesore that a leather patch can create.

​When applying glue to a leather tear first ensure that the area is clean of any dirt and debris. If there is any fraying of the leather, you will need to remove the frays from the tear using precision tools (do not yank upon any loose threads as this could increase the tear and cause further damage to the area). Second, try to see if the rip will fit together without causing excessive tension. If you find that the tear pulls, then the tension of the leather may be too high to perform a self-repair. However, if you can easily push and hold the tear together then you can apply the glue. Do so sparingly. Smooth out the surface and if needed apply dye coloring to the surface to further camouflage the damaged area.

Step Four: ​Stitching issues

​The final area where you may find needing repair on your leather car seat would be in the stitching. It is quite common to see threads and glue become weakened and warped over time. When you notice that the seams are starting to fray, carefully cut the string and use the proper tools to remove the stitching from the problematic area. Clean the surface with cleaner and let dry. Once the cleaner has dried, hand sew the seam, applying glue to help reinforce the area. It is suggested that you use leather needles to perform your stitching. Some leather repair kits offer stitching needles. If your kit does not, you can find them in about any leather or craft shop.

​Big problems need professional help

​For any other problem to the leather car seat, it is best that you seek out the services of a professional. Also, take note that the warranty of your vehicle (if applicable) may cover repairs to the leather seating in some instances. Before you do any repairs check your warranty as well as your owner’s manual. Any repairs which you feel are beyond the scope of your abilities should be handled by a professional leather artisan or upholstery professional.